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3 Ad Creatives to Make You Better at Marketing

Learn from the best and make some funny ads.

Happy Monday Nice Ads team! Fraser here back and ready to break down another 3 ad creatives.

You have a real variety this week to learn from, so let’s start.

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Miracle Bed Sheets

Wanted to start with a fun one this week. So I picked this from Miracle Bed Sheets before we move forward. Please go and watch it in full here and then come back.

Now you’ve seen it - How good was that? It’s so funny 😂 and that's the reason it works. They are making jokes but also selling the product at the same time - What could be better? You're giving your customer a reason to remember the advert and share it while also educating them on why your product is great and why they should buy It.

Every innuendo in the video is a USP of the product “And with self-cleaning, so you can STRIP less often”. Just solid immature humour and I love it. They’re making the advert less of an ad, not by making it look organic but by making the sale not the only reason for the creative to exist.

Talking about how it looks - Notice how it’s high-product and NOT UGC like every other advert? Why is it like this? Because it would look strange any other way. Your style of production should suit the style of creative you are making. Giving you a nice variety inside your ad account - Don’t just use one style of ad, your audience will get bored and block your ads. Simple.

A lot to learn from this one.


Nothing better than us vs them static, they perform really well on Meta and when done correctly can run and run without getting fatigued. In fact, this one has been running for 69 days (👀 Nice) so it’s working!

But why is this one winning? Well, I see a few reasons. The first is how simple it is, easy to understand and visually pretty basic, most of you might be shocked but a lot of the time your overdesigned static ads don’t convert for that reason - They’re too fancy. Information is the most important factor in a creative like this.

The USPs DUDEPRUNER has picked here and the way to copy is written positions the brand as fun and edgy. Langue like “Smoother than a silk purse” isn’t something you’d normally find in an advert for a product like this. But by using phrases like this they come down to the customer’s level and relate. Very important when selling a product like this.

So when you're making your next us vs them advert dont just list reasons why you are better. Make your USPs stand out with the langue your customer might use and pick USPs they actually care about.

All top-performing DTC ads have one thing in common, they include UGC! 🎬

But most brands are unable to get UGC at scale, which is actually licensed for use across paid channels.

Enter: minisocial, a user-generated content platform that pairs brand sup with micro-influencer creatives who produce scroll-stopping UGC that you can take and plug-in across ALL your marketing channels.

Brands like Huel, Care/of, Harry's, Imperfect Foods, and Native all turn to minisocial when they need UGC-style content for their marketing channels.

minisocial's campaigns are accessibly priced (starting at $1.7k thanks to your Nice Ads discount 😉) and as a fully-managed platform they take all the stress away and allow you to get started in only 10 minutes


I’ve spoken in the past about how powerful a PR creative can be for a breakaway brand but most of the time we only think about images when thinking about PR ads. Take a screenshot of your product with the headline and publication logo and boom. Advert. But what if we want to take it one step further? Well, that’s what Bite has done.

They‘ve paired the PR headline with a video of the product! Genius. This way, not only do you get the social proof that comes with a PR creative but now you also get some sweet sweet video data. Statics are great - don’t get me wrong (That’s why I created CreativeOS, check it out today 😉) but videos open up a wealth of options when it comes to data and so if you can, use a video.

The headline is also important when it comes to PR ads like this - You want to headline to reflect a core USP and a reason someone would buy your product. A lot of the time you can’t control the headline and for that reason. Not every PR piece can be ad creative. But when you find the right one 🔥it's going to POP.

Simple things like this are what separate a brand that scales and a brand that fails.

Well, that’s it for Nice Ads this week - Thanks for reading as always. If you enjoyed it, go tell a friend and send them this link ( https://www.niceads.uk/subscribe?ref=PLACEHOLDER )to sign up and you’ll get a little gift in return. I’ll see you next week

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