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3 Ads You Should Be Running This BFCM 🚀

It's a Nice Ads bonus issue packed full of advice for the biggest day in ecom

Who's ready for a Nice Ads bonus email this week? ME... and hopefully you 🤷‍♂️

Since BFCM is right around the corner I wanted to create a short list of ad creative styles you NEED to have running this year. So if you're wrapping up creative production this week, take a beat and make sure you have these 3 ads ready to go.

The Static Discount


At this time of the year, people are hunting for discounts on social. They know brands are running offers and they know they'll get ads on Instagram and Facebook. So they make an effort to look for discount ads, and what's the fastest way to present an offer? An image.

Front and center the customer can see the offer in a matter of seconds. No need to wait for the text to come on the screen or for a voice-over to say something. The offer is bold and in their face. Keep it straightforward and present your offer.

People are in shopping moods more than ever right now, so take advantage of it with ads that are created to sell.

Your Best Creative

This one should come as no surprise but BFCM is the perfect time to bring back the heavy hitters. Those ads have been money-printing machines over the past 12 months - it's time to bring them back and scale.

It seems obvious that you should do this but I find a lot of brands don't do this and forget about all those past creatives that ripped for them during the year.

Along with the ad creatives that did well, during the year you should get in contact with all those UGC creators that did well during the year and get them to create something new for BFCM. It's an easy way to create new content that you know will work well since people relate to people.

Or if you don't have time to get new content made, pull together all the best-performing UGC videos and mash them together and create a montage-style UGC video. These videos always work and we've seen great results for our clients with them.

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Unboxing Videos

Free Soul

Unboxing videos are a great way to get people excited about your product, especially if you have a fun unboxing experience. So it's time to dig out those UGC videos people have done for you and recut them to just be an unboxing video that maybe has some nice text overlays to display offers. A great graphic to add to videos like this is a % badge in a nice bright colour. These can really help display that offer front and centre at the start of the video.

It might be a little late for this now, but unboxing is also a great way to display your BFCM bundles. A lot of the time people need to visualise something before they make a purchase. By showing all the items you get in a bundle in an unboxing video, it can help to push people to purchase.

BFCM Education 💭

A few weeks ago I was joined by Charles Tichenor on The DTC Deep Dive podcast and we spoke heavily about Black Friday and how brands should be running their ads this year.

If you need some last-minute advice this is a great listen/watch for you this week 🚀 You can watch on YouTube or Listen on Spotify.

Anyway, that's your lot for the bonus issue of Nice Ads for Black Friday. Go forth and enjoy your week and weekend. I'll see you on Monday for the usual Nice Ads 🤝

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