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3 Ads That Will Transform Your Approach This Week!

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Hey team! Fraser here welcome back to Nice Ads - Another week, another 3 ads ready to break down.

This week we have some videos and statics.

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Don’t lie, this advert caught your eye. How cool does that spray look?

And that’s why this advert has stopped millions of people because it stands out from the feed. It grabs people and then keeps the right people watching; as a result, they learn more about the product.

But how do they make sure the right people are watching it? The TikTok comment. That’s the real sauce here, it tells you what the product is and will entice the target demo to carry on watching. Then the captions on the screen tell them why Dae is the better option for them when looking for dry shampoo.

So what can we learn from this? Your visuals are important. If you can include your product inside the hook, then bonus points! But some of the best scroll-stopping hooks I’ve seen have included the product doing something interesting.


What’s a surefire way to get your target customer to stop? Scare them. I hate to say it, but scaring your customer with a clickbaity headline is often a great way to sell your product.

Take this example from Wuffes “Don’t cut their life short” Any dog owner will see this and go “What?! I want my dog to live a long full life, what am I doing wrong”. And just like that, you’ve got them. Now you can sell them. Copy can be really powerful like that, it can make someone feel something with just words.

Along with that, the supporting subheader below is full of information and helps give context to the rest of the creative. This is how you make a powerful static - take note.

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I’ve not seen this format of UGC before and I thought it was a really clever way to show a testimonial. Go watch it in full and you’ll understand what I mean.

There are a few ways you could make a video like this:

  • Self-shot UGC

  • High production case study

  • UGC documentary style (Current style)

And I think they’ve picked the right style to fit this. A self-shot UGC with the same script would feel fake, it might feel a little too much like every other advert on the feed. A high-production case study would be overproduced, which would feel too much like an advert and take away from the story.

But when you mix UGC with this documentary-style, you get this great personal video that is also branded. Very smart move on this and something I think more brands should try.

That’s your lot for this Nice Ads - If you’re a premium subscriber keep scrolling to access this week’s Canva templates. If not then I’ll see you next week ✌️

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