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3 Ways to Make Better Ad Creative

Your Weekly Creative Breakdown is here.

Welcome back to Nice Ads! Fraser here ready to breakdown another 3 ad creatives 🔥

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"You Farted" Could arguably be the best scroll-stopper I've ever seen. I often get asked how you make ad creative for an app or a SaaS. Well here is the answer. Make it fun. But not spammy (TikTok ads I'm looking at you). It's a fine line to walk, but when done right you'll be shocked how well ads on social can work for apps.

Let's chat about why this advert from BetterSleep works - The first reason is the hook. Having "You Farted" on the screen will stop anyone on social. But why? Well because it's funny. Most of us use social media to be entertained and when something makes us laugh we stop and watch. That's why we all love TikTok - Humour isn't used half as much as it should be in paid media.

We also have a bit of familiarity with the fun use of bitmojis. Most of us know what they look like if we have an iPhone. But I think one of the core reasons this works is how straightforward the UI is. If this advert targets you, then chances are you've downloaded a similar app before and you'll know how cluttered and painful they are to use. So BetterSleep has shown you the app interface right away, enticing you to download to just test it out.

In summary, if you're looking to advertise a digital product then you should focus on what you do differently and show it as clearly as you can.



Let's talk hooks. What makes a good hook and should your hook always be relevant? This advert from IL MAKIAGE is the perfect example of a hook that was made JUST to stop people. It's strange, that's why it works. The viewer sees it, thinks what the heck is that, and then watches.

I've been seeing more and more of these recently as it becomes harder to compete for attention. In method this style of hook would work. You grab them with something silly and then fool them into watching - But by doing this you risk a few things. The first one is a low hold rate. People don't stay after the hook, and with hold rate being arguably more important than the hook rate, you're playing a dangerous game.

Saying all this, I believe you need to test everything to see what works. This method could work for your brand. My advice however, is to be outrageous but keep it brand related. Do something to stop the scroll using your product but don't just show something for the sole purpose to stop people.

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Pillow Cube

Pillow Cube

Pattern interrupt is one of the most under-utilized creative methods and that's why I picked this advert from The Pillow Cube. The bright colours grab the scroller and pull them in from the white boring feed. But this static goes much deeper than just the colours. The imagery is also pattern interrupt because how often do you see a skeleton laying on a pillow? Never.

One of the main reasons I chose this advert is the clever way they've shown the core USP of the product. It's visually very appealing and gets the point across really quickly and as we know, that's the most important thing in any social media advert.

When you work with big bright colours it can be hard to make things look professional and not like a 5-year-old art project. But I think Pillow Cube has really knocked it out of the park with this creative so take note!

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