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Your Ad Creative Should Do THIS πŸš€

A CPG Health and Wellness Special

Happy Monday! This week in Nice Ads we're focusing on the CPG Health and Wellness space.

What kind of creative can you create to stand out from the crowd? Let's find out.

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Everyday Dose

Everyday Dose

We've spoken about review-based ad creative before on Nice Ads. But I think this one deserves mentioning for a few reasons;

The first is the use of the demographic inside the video - Everyday Dose is marketed heavily towards women. It makes sense to include aspirational women inside the ad creative. This typically stops the scroll since people relate to themselves and who they want to be. The footage being UGC also helps push that relatable and approachable feel to the brand's marketing.

The video is so simpleβ€”white text on a darker background video. Easy design. But it works so well since it draws attention to the correct element at the right time. Try not to over-design and overthink your ad creative. You want the scroller to consume and build trust with your brand. That's especially important if you're a supplement brand.



I couldn't make a Health and Wellness CPG episode of Nice Ads without mentioning Obvi. Their creative is MADE to convert and they test a LOT of it at the same time. But I picked this advert for a reason.

The comparison! It's such a forgotten-about angle but works wonders for brand awareness and trust. A lot of the time we keep graphics like this on our landing page, but you should be including it inside your ad creative! It's so powerful.

When in a competitive niche you are always being compared to your closest rival, but you know that you are better. So tell the customer why! Be upfront about it. Knock down those objections before they even land on your website.

This can be especially powerful if you have some core USPs that no one else has. Ads like this allow you to highlight them very clearly. For Obvi that USP is the very low calorie per serving. You can see that's front and centre in this advert.

This can be done in static ads and videos. So be creative and see what you can come up with. However one note! Don't name and shame the brand you're comparing against, this can make you look shady and remove that trust you are building.

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I'd never heard of BlackGold until I saw this advert but I've been following them ever since because damn they have some stunning branding and visuals. And that's one of the reasons this advert works. It just looks beautiful.

Using stunning photography with text is a great way to stand out from the feed. Why? Because it sets you apart from the influencers, friends and family on a person's feed. It stops the scroll. It used to be the other way around, you had to merge into the feed with UGC content but as that's become more popular this year it's time to try the old tricks again.

But there's another reason why this advert grabs you - The copy.

"Love your anxiety?... Stick with Starbucks"

It's the "Don't press the red button" effect. I want to know why I shouldn't drink Starbucks and they are telling me they have the answer. As the old saying goes "Curiosity Killed The Cat". Tempt people with your copy, give them a reason to tap. Because once they've tapped you've got them.

Annnnnnnd we're done!

Big thanks for reading this week, hopefully, you have some new knowledge to head into the week with.

Q4 is around the corner so make sure you're making those content plans early!!

I'll see you next week 😊

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