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Ad Creative for Creator Led Brands

Hey team! Welcome back to Nice Ads. Fraser here back with 3 ads to help you make better creative for your brand.

Let’s get started.

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GOGO Vitamins

This advert caught my eye this week for one main reason. Value first - 3 reasons that lead to bloating and gas and how to stop it. The brand is giving you a reason to watch the video away from just advertising the product. This is great for your hook rate AND hold rate - Two really important factors in a well-performing creative.

The secret to making this ad creative and effective is presenting your product at the end of the video in a way that feels natural.

For example - I bet you can guess the way you can stop bloating and gas. Buy their product 😆

This is the same way ads like ‘3 reasons why’ work so well - You are leading with value first and then shoehorning your product in after to go in for the sale.

We’ve done a few similar ads like this for a skincare client of ours - We give them a bunch of things that cause eczema and then present the real solution as the brand. It’s super effective and helps up engagement within your ad account.

Chamberlain Coffee

Chamberlain Coffee is a great example of a creator-led brand that’s ad creative isn’t focused on the creator. In fact, when looking today, Emma Chamberlain is in 0 of the ads live on the account. My personal thesis around this is that Emma wants the brand to live outside of her bubble, bringing new people to the product who are coffee fans and not just fans of hers. This gives the brand a much longer shelf life well after Emma Chamberlain is no longer relevant.

Compare this to other creator-led brands like PRIME by KSI and Logan Paul and you can’t separate the two. The pair are on all the marketing material and so it begs the question - If they were to exit the brand, would it be worth anything? With the rise of creator brands, I think this is an important note to remember.

But I actually picked this creative because it’s a great example of a high-production advert done well - Brand first, fun, and engaging. It’s hard to make videos like this work, but I think they’ve done a great job to make it stand out from all the other coffee brands. It’s unmistakenly Chamberlain Coffee.

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Sand & Sky

First off, I love Sand & Sky’s ad creative - It’s always on my foreplay boards when working with cosmetic and skincare brands. They just know how to sell their product - A lot of this comes from knowing their demographic very well and what they want to see and what sells the product. You can see that from the hook “omg look at how much oil” - They know their customer loves to see the product at work and that a core concern for them is oily skin. So it makes up for a perfect creative.

The visuals themselves are very pleasing to see and appeal to the same people that love to pop a pimple - It’s pretty nasty to see, but you also don’t want to look away. The perfect type of scroll stopper because people will just keep on watching!

I also want to mention the on-screen graphics, often overlooked but in this video definitely worth mentioning. Pay attention to the consistent shop now button animating on-screen - You are forever reminding the customer to take action on the ad - I’m guessing this had a powerful effect since the advert was live for 90 days!

That’s all for Nice Ads this week - Thanks for reading as always. I’ll see you next week 🤝

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