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Ad Creative That Get's Clicks 🔥

Need some creative inspiration? I got you.

Happy Monday! Today we're celebrating 1,000 subscribers of Nice ads 🚀 Big thank you to everyone who has clicked subscribe over the past few weeks.

Let's get this party started with 3 creatives that I love 💖

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Let's talk stop motion. This is one of my favourite ad creatives to make because it makes something that would normally look boring much more interesting.

Why? Because it catches our eyes. We don't tend to see stop motion videos on our feed and so when we see one our eyes are drawn to it. We are so used to seeing smooth motion that we are stopped in our tracks when seeing stop motion.

Making stop motion can be rather hard, you need to be VERY careful when shooting to be sure NOTHING but what you want to move is being moved. So be sure to film them inside a controlled space.

Pair the eye-catching stop motion with copy that is changing with key USPs you have a very eye-catching creative that is brand first. Creative like this might not lower your CPAs or generate millions in revenue however it will help with brand equity across your ad account.

Not all your ads need to be conversation-focused. Sometimes they just need to get eyes on your brand.



If this advert wouldn't catch your eye then I don't know what would. The first thing I see is the Z's made from pills. That is so clever. A great way to show off your product and what it is, while being playful and relevant to the overall theme of the ad creative. Fantastic job.

I'm a sucker for a floating pack shot and so that's another reason it catches me. But at its core, this is a VERY simple advert. The copy is the name of the product along with the reason you'd use it, the photo is a simple product pack shot and then they add a little spice with the floating Z's.

They've taken a simple idea and made it stand out from the feed. That's what makes a good static advert. Elevating simple ideas in a way that stops the scroll and educates the customer.

You could also easily turn this into a motion graphic video by animating the pack shot to float up and down and the Z's slowly floating away - By doing this you open up the options for video view retargeting etc which can be great when building up a new pixel.

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I've covered ads like this before but the power of social proof is not to be sniffed at. Captions like, "The brush that sold out an 8,000 person waiting list" is golden. You are telling people that the product was SO good that 8,000 people waited to buy the product. The customer is thinking, "Well it must be good if that many people wanted it" - So within a few seconds you've already captured the attention of the potential customer.

Follow that up with a screen full of normal girls using the product and boom. You've managed to convince people that your product is the best brush they will ever buy.

This is a great example of how you can mix UGC and professional footage together to make a well-performing Facebook advert. You demo the product in a clear way using studio footage and then display the product being used on people via UGC. This is sending so many philological signs to the viewer that your brand can be trusted with a customer's money.

I see more and more of this style of ad creative so make sure you test it out before everyone is doing it!

That's all this week! Thanks for joining me once again - Good luck in your week and we'll speak next Monday.

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