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Ad Creative hacks you NEED to try πŸ”₯

These simple tricks can make your ads better today.

It's Monday and it's time for another issue of Nice Ads! This one is ALL video ads - Strap in and let's get going.

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GREENSCREEN HOOKS ARE AMAZING AND YOU NEED TO BE DOING THEM! We've been doing them for a while at Fraggell and they are still killing it, so I wanted to share the love here on Nice Ads.

The method is as follows; the creator speaks to the camera and then is cut out and put in front of some related footage with a catchy caption. It's really simple but works on every platform! Not just Meta. But why do they work? Well, it depends on the platform. On Meta it works for 2 reasons.

  1. Because we still aren't used to seeing content like this on our feeds.

  2. It reminds us of TikTok - Where we go to be entertained.

That's why it catches the user's eyes and stops the scroll. It's really simple when you think about it.

However, these ads work well on TikTok for another reason; We often relate these green-screen videos with education. So often a video that teaches us something is framed like this. So we stop and watch to see the outcome. It's just simple trickery of the mind's expectations.

Greenscreen is a super easy hack you can implement today and see an increase in performance. Go give it a try.



Let's chat high-quality UGC. The connotation of UGC is low-quality user-created footage - But what if we flipped it and created high-quality UGC that looks great BUT still has the user-generated feel? That's just what Curology have created here.

It might seem like nothing, but creating videos in this style can be a real winner in your ad account. You get the best of both worlds, the trust that comes with a UGC self-shot video as well as the brand equality you get with high-quality videos. These videos work especially well for beauty brands with incredible packaging like Curology.

Customers love the relatability that comes with iPhone footage but a lot of the time only having low-quality iPhone UGC videos can really lower your brand's trust in the space. So mixing things up with this style is a MUST.

It's all about little elevations that can separate you from the others in your niche. Watch the above video in full and go and attempt to replicate it. Its the best way to learn πŸ”₯

I gave away an iPhone shooting guide on my Twitter. Here I break down how you can create stunning videos with just an iPhone - Feel free to give it a read! I think you'll learn a lot.

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I saw this advert on my TikTok last week and it was an instant save because I knew I wanted to share it with you. Why? Well first, it's an amazing product and secondly, I think it's a perfect example of organic paid ads. Yes, I just made that term up.

Organic paid ads are paid ads that are created to look like organic videos in the feed. TikTok is full of them. In fact, I believe TikTok is the only platform where these can work, and I'll explain why in a second after we break down this advert.

The core reason why this video works is the comment response. These are proven to be a great way to basically display your product's core USPS. The USP of this product is that it works anywhere - So the comment mentions a location and the creator demos it. Perfect. You've included the community AND demoed the product in a viral manner - What more do you want?!

If you want to attempt some organic paid ads then I think you should focus on TikTok - The reason for this is it's much harder to tell if a video is an advert or not on TikTok. Facebook ads are VERY clearly ads, everything from the CTA to the post frame separates it from the feed. However, this isn't the case on TikTok. Meaning you can create a conversion-focused ad that looks organic. Run on TikTok and let people watch and buy! Go try it!

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