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Ad Creative Secrets from B2B to Sex Ads.

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Hey! It’s Fraser here and it’s time to break down 3 ad creatives to help you make better ads. This week we’ve got a B2B ad due to popular request.

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This is one of my favourite static ad styles and it baffles me more people don’t use it. The idea is simple, show a before and after but blur out either the before or the after. This makes the viewer intrigued and they want to see the other image. So what do they do to find out? They click. Then on your landing page, you show both images and tell the person’s story. The ad is personal, it feels real and it shows amazing results all while getting around the Meta before and after rules.

I saw this version and thought they did it great, blurring out the before so the user can see the final results on the feed and feel motivated to click. Then a great quote from the customer.

If you were scrolling down your feed and wanted to get healthier, an advert like this would be perfect - It’s not pushy, it’s not scammy. It’s personal and when it comes to fitness, people like a more real approach.

This is the type of static you need to try out in your account if you are in a niche that can support it. Great way to get a super high CTR.

Redmond Growth

Let’s talk B2B - It’s often overlooked when it comes to ad creative, but the results are just unreal when you make good B2B ad creative. I’ve seen paid ads completely change business in the past. So what makes a good B2B ad?

  • Displaying clearly how you help the client

  • Calling out your perfect demographic with the creative

  • Give the person a reason to get in touch

Because a lot of the time the scroller can’t go from ad to purchase, you need to make the click worth their while. It can be done in a few ways, one is giving them something like a lead magnet. Another way is just making the results sound so good they are compelled to get in touch. In the example above they use the latter - Selling the dream to push for a call.

They also call out the perfect demographic right at the start “I’m looking for plumbers and electricians”. By doing this you are filtering out all the unwanted clicks. Keeping it niche to only the people who can use your service. You don’t always need to be so obvious, even using language that only your demographic would understand works as well. But it’s important with B2B ads because they only apply to a select few that we use our creative to target. I see people get this wrong ALL the time.

The final one is being clear about how you help. If I were pitching my agency Fraggell, there are two ways I could tell you how we help:

  1. We make ad creative for your DTC brands

  2. We make ad creative that converts. Helping your DTC brand acquire new customers for cheaper.

Notice how one is focused on the customer and the other is just telling you what we do? That’s what separates a good creative from a bad one. We want to sell the results and the service. Not just the service.

The example above that you can watch in full here does all these 3 very well. Solid creative.

Moon Juice

Let’s talk about sex and how to advertise taboo products on Meta. Using this example from Moon Juice to show us how it’s done.

The whole idea around advertising products like this on Meta is to imply without crossing a line and I think this short video did it perfectly. The captions paired with the most seductive hand modelling I’ve ever seen allows the customer to understand exactly what is being advertised without directly saying ‘This is a product that makes sex better’. If Meta has targetted you with a product like this, chances are you are in the market for it - So they hook you in with the captions and finger dip and then sell you with the end screen.

I also think the quality of production plays a big part in why this advert works, I don’t think it would work if this was UGC for example - It would feel a little too intimate. That’s why it’s important to have the ability to make any style of creative because sometimes the concept you are creating will only work if it’s made a certain way.

Niches like this are hard to advertise in - You are forever battling against guidelines and making creative that is too on the nose. But when you crack the code you can make some highly converting ads.

Videos like this are normally the most fun to make because you have to think outside of the box for ideas.

That’s everything for this week’s Nice Ads - Hope you enjoyed it and that’s for your time as always. If you want some static ad templates be sure to upgrade to our premium newsletter and get 20% off the first month here.

Also, I posted a new YouTube video breaking down the research system we use to make endless ad creatives. Give it a watch here

I’ll see you next week!

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