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Ad Creative Tips You Can Use Today

Ready for some creative breakdowns?

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Spoiled Child


There are a few reasons I love this creative from Spoiled Child. But the main reason I picked this is because of the amazing mix of high-quality UGC-style video and traditional phone shot UGC. 

When making ad creative you often go down one of two routes; full UGC or high production. You never think about mixing the two. Filming popular TikTok-style shots with a high-quality camera. I think as you can see in this sample above results in a really nice creative. 

Further on in the advert, we get to see some more traditional UGC testimonials and the video becomes more like a UGC Mashup - Something I've spoken about in past issues. These can be really powerful for TOF. 

As TikTok and verticle video mature more it's important that you experiment with new formats like the above - Just because it's popular to do it one way doesn't mean it'll work for your brand. Always be testing.



Being direct in your ad creative needs to be done more often. Calling out your customer within the advert is a great way to stop the scroll and earn the click. Especially when the retargeting does its work well. 

Segmenting your audience into things like searches allows you to really serve adverts to the right person at the right time. If I'd just been looking for a voice-over and then got this advert on my Facebook Fiverr would have won me right away. This style of advertising is much harder to do since iOS14.5 but you can still do it with some workarounds. 

However, in terms of the actual ad creative, it's simple and direct allowing the scroller to stop and read within a few seconds. It's also very on-brand, with everything from the colours to the fonts. It all matches the core look and feel of Fiverr.

But along with looks having a strong bold copy is key to getting the click on social. Copywriting is by far one of the most underrated skills in advertising. 

SNOW Teeth Whitening

SNOW Teeth Whitening

SNOW is the OG social brand. They've seen massive success over the years and most of it is led by high-converting ad creative. I was spoilt for choice when picking a video from SNOW, but I went with this one for 1 core reason. The concept. A product demo. 

The demo is SO powerful when you have a product that looks great and shows brilliant results. It's the same reason why so many people bought from QVC in the early 2000s. When you see something work and get the outcome you desire as a consumer you are so much more likely to buy. 

SNOW also have some amazing reviews and images on the landing page to further sell the results you can get by using the advertised product. 

My one gripe in the scroll stopper - If you watch the video in full you'll see what I mean. I think it could be much more powerful with maybe a before and after to really stop the scroll. Having said that, I think the UGC creator and editor have done a top job in piecing this all together. 

That's all for Nice Ads this week ✌ Thanks for sticking around and giving us a read. Hopefully, you learnt something you can put into action this week.

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