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How to Add Mystery Into Your Ad Creative ✨

Time for some creative inspiration that will blow you away.

Welcome back to Nice Ads! This week we have a nice mix of static ads and videos for your viewing pleasure. 

Grab a drink and let's get started. 

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MATE the Label

MATE the Label

USPs! The reason anyone buys your product. But how do you advertise them? Well, take note from MATE the Label with this brilliant static advert. They kept it simple and put all the major USPs on screen as call-out graphics. Done. Easy. 

But this works for a few reasons, the first one being the design of the call-outs. They look very familiar. Why? Because they are the same design as the Instagram-tagged user call out. So right away our brain sees that and makes us feel more at home and less like we are being advertised to. If you can create graphics that look similar to the graphics on the platform you are advertising on, it will perform much better. Trust me we've tested it. 

The final reason is the copy. Notice how the longest callout is only 3 words? They've kept it simple and easy to read at a glance. Since you are competing for attention you need to be fast and you need to make sure the attention you do get is used correctly and so keeping your copy short and easy to consume is always a winner. 



Note, I've sped up the above advert. The original is around 15 seconds. 

Ad creative for apps and digital services is hard. How do you show something that's not physical? Well, Headspace has nailed it. They've shown a sample of the service in the advert. Almost giving you a free trial before you've even downloaded the app. 

When creating ads for apps you need to show people what they can get when they click download. Why should this person give you memory on their phone? This is why we see so many mobile game apps that are made to look like we are playing them. They want to give you a sample of the app before you download it. 

Be more like headspace and think of unique ways to display your app without coming across as scammy. 

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Hey Bud Skincare

Hey Bud Skincare

Before and afters. We've covered them before and we know Facebook has a love-hate relationship with them so we need to find ways to dodge around the systems and this is one I've never seen before. Hiding the after on the landing page! Brilliant idea. 

Our main goal with creative is to drive people to the landing page. What's the best way to do that? Give them a REAL REASON. Someone is much more likely to head to the landing page after seeing this advert than if they had given away the after photo right away. Then when the customer lands on the page they have all the sales info to go along with the reason they clicked. Genius!

I've not seen this style of creative done before and it would be interesting to see the results. 

That's it for this week. Hopefully, you enjoyed it and come back next week for more creative inspiration. 

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