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How Would You Advertise Lube? 👀

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Happy Monday Nice Ads! Let’s get started with our 3 breakdowns, shall we?

All 3 are videos this week so strap in - Let’s go.

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Hello Cake

Hello Cake create some brilliant ad creative and this one caught my eye for a few reasons one of which you probably didn’t even see.

The first is obvious, the colour. Orange and yellow are two colours you don’t often see on a social feed and so it catches your eye right away - Pulling you away from the feed. That along with the language used means you have no option but to catch the video.

But the one technique I wanted to go over on this was the first second - The screen doesn’t start off blank yellow. The video starts with the top line visible on the screen. This might sound obvious, but a lot of GIF-style videos I see brands create like this start with a blank screen. Meaning your hook is just that, a blank screen. Because of this, the creative and performance suffer.

But if we look at the above example, right away we see “Lubes are gross & sticky” a great way to target the creative and call out a core problem your problem solves.

It’s the little things that make the biggest difference when it comes to ad creative.


For this video you need to watch it - Otherwise, this section will make 0 sense. So go watch it in full here and then come back.

Let’s talk TikTok trends. You might not realise it, but this creative is using a trend. The "Trickster" Voice Effect. Chance are, you’ve heard this all over TikTok in the past few months - It makes everything sound funnier and more entertaining. And as we know TikTok is an entertainment platform and so we should be making ads that entertain.

Using trending voice effects like this instead of your paid media is a great way to hide your ads in plain site - People will watch thinking it’s just another one of those funny voice videos.

I’m yet to try this on Meta - But maybe you can? Then let me know the results so I can take credit for it!

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Creative has so many uses inside your funnel - One of them is answering your customer’s questions and concerns.

Chances are when a customer is in MOF or BOF they are looking at you and all your competitors. Most brands will just ignore this and hope that their fancy branding will make customers pick them. But 90% of the time that fails.

So what should you be doing? The answer is making creative like this.

Answering their objections and concerns within the ad creative. Doing the work for them and presenting yourself as the only sensible option. It’s a clever way to guide your customers through the funnel and I don’t often see brands doing it.

So if you’re in a competitive niche then try something similar to this - Or read your reviews, find common objects and address them in creative.

Ads like this are what separate you from all the other DTC brands and help you come out on top.

That’s your lot for this week’s Nice Ads. Looking forward to seeing you back here next week - But until then, be sure to follow me on Twitter and I’ll see you soon.

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