April Monthly Roundup

Hey Nice Ads team 👋

Yes I know, It’s a Thursday. This feels strange. But I wanted to try something new - If you don’t know I run a performance creative agency called Fraggell. We help DTC brands scale with performance ad creative.

We made A LOT of ads and so I thought It would be nice at the end of each month to show you the best stuff we’ve made and explain why we made it. This way we can all reflect and learn together. So welcome to The Monthly Roundup.


We've been working with Vibe for a few months now and we just completed another month of deliverables for them.

This is the one that gathered the best results. Super low CPA and a great ROAS proving that you can sell high ticket items on Meta!

Vibe is a challenge when it comes to creative - It’s almost impossible to create UGC like you normally do at volume due to the item’s size and price and customers get fed up with high-production videos. So what did we do?

We hired actors and shot UGC on location ourselves. It’s a challenge but it’s proven to work out really well so far.

After a look at their past data, we found a caption style that worked and persona and just went with it. We kept the edit fast and full of energy but still professional enough to sell a high-ticket product like The Vibe Board.

What do you think? Does it work?


ALOHA has been with us for nearly a year now, and we’ve recently completed another round of deliverables.

This month we focused on one of their special edition bars. We’ve created a number of UGC & studio videos for the launch. But this one is a standout for us, we focused on crisp studio shots mixed in with previously filmed footage on location from the brand.

The design was also very key in this video - Our aim was to make a graphic-based video that stood out from the boring white feed. Thankfully, ALOHA’s product shoots amazingly, and along with shots of how the product was manufactured, it creates a really interesting video.

From our learnings, we’ve also found that calling out ALOHA’s USPs has been a winning recipe in their UGC videos epically - After months of working together we’ve found the winning formula and keep pumping out heavy hitters month after month.


Nothing better than a comparison static - It’s a powerful angle and is almost always a winner. Comparing your brand to a major competitor or just a generic brand gives you the space to educate your customer on your core USPs - and any opportunity to educate your customer should be taken.

Grafted are very bold with their language and branding and so we wanted to keep that when writing the headline and styling the image. Black and white is a strong choice and will stand out from the feed for sure.

The use of colour is also important not only for branding but also as a metaphor to suggest how different Grafted is compared to other brands on the market.

Using emojis was also a choice we made instead of custom ticks and crosses to help the graphic feel a bit more connected to the platform and more familiar to the user.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this little round-up and review of some of the creative we’ve made in April - Remember if you're looking for some help with performance ad creative and you're currently spending over 40k on ads you can book a call with me here and we’d love to help you lower those CPAs.

Don’t worry your usual Nice Ads will be back on Monday ✌️

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