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The Best Kept Secrets in Ad Creative

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Happy Monday team!

Hope you’re doing well and ready for what the week holds - Let’s break down another 3 ads and find out what we can learn from them.

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TOMO Bottle

One of the hardest things to do with creative is to hook the customer. Stop the scroll enough to get a click. We’re always seeing the same hooks on our feed so what can you do to stand out?

Well, this video really caught my eye. The hook is simply a genuine reaction to getting the product as a gift. It hooks people because we love to see a happy person and we’re also interested in what made them so happy.

So you sit, and you watch to see what this amazing product is. Genius. The hook feels organic, it feels real. That’s why it worked.

If this was shot in a studio with a fancy camera the video would flop. It’s vital you pick the right style for your creative - Everything came together for this video to make it perfect. Solid way to display your product.

Static of The Week

One brand I love is Jambys, not only because they make great products. But because they’re creative is always fun and colourful.

This static does a great job of pointing out core USPs in an easy-to-understand way.

This creative was made in seconds using Creative OS, static templates made for paid media and created by the best in the business - if you want to quickly design and launch new ads at speed. Grab a volume or two here - Use the code ‘NICEADS’ for 10% off.

The Oodie

I’ve been seeing this style of static a lot - A simple UGC image. No captions, no CTA. Just the product being used.

It seems too easy right? But when it comes to MOF-BOF your goal is to remind your customer you exist. Don’t let them forget you.

And that’s what this creative is for, reminding the customer of your product and how it can be used. A customer might have forgotten about the Oodie, but they’re scrolling down Instagram and see this and think “Cute dog, oh she’s wearing that Oodie, let’s have a look again” and boom. You’ve got them.

Meta can show creative at the right time, to the right person. So all that’s left for us to do is make the visuals that speak to people.


I’ve mentioned this before, but advertising for apps or digital products can be hard. But this one from MyFitnessPal has done a great job at a TikTok creative.

First up - The hook. We’re starting on an image of a girl with a great figure - Chances are if you're looking for an app like MyFitnessPal you either look like her or want to look like her. So they’ve hooked you already.

But that’s just a hook and on TikTok, we need much more than that to keep the viewer engaged. So the actual video is built around the popular concept of what I eat in a day. This means people will actually WANT to watch the video, and with TikTok, that’s a must.

So what can we learn from this video? Always ensure your hook gives the right people a reason to stop. We want to use the hook to target, but also to grab attention on a busy feed.

And finally, on TikTok, you should lead with a value-first approach. Give people a reason to stop. The more a person watches, the higher the chances are you’ll win the click.

That’s your lot for this week’s Nice Ads - Thanks so much for sticking around. If you're in the mood to learn some more, be sure to follow me on Twitter.

See you next week ✌️

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