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Some of the best Static Ads we've seen this week

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It’s Hannah - I’m back again for another round of Nice Ads (my first one of 2024). I’ve found 3 adverts (all static this week) that have really stood out for me - check them out!

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Let’s get started.


In my opinion, showcasing your clothing brand isn’t a simple task. Unlike most products, it’s hard to show off what you have to offer - especially in a static ad. This one from PANGAIA has shown us how it’s done.

The callouts. Simple yet incredibly effective, and it adds that extra bit of information to entice you. If you are looking for environmentally friendly clothing, then the copy gives you all the information you need. It also adds details of the clothing and how it fits. Very little text, but just what a consumer would need to lead to a purchase.

The styling/branding is also a huge factor for why I believe PANGAIA has smashed it. The colour palette for one is just perfection. A stunning aesthetic will stop the scroll. Not to repeat myself again, but the simplicity really makes the image stand out. The static ad just ticks all the boxes for a very pleasing ad.

Visuals are incredibly important. If you can inspire someone’s outfit choice with your ad, then you have offered consumers more than just being sold to. Featuring pieces that work together isn’t only advertising the products you have, but adding value by showing potential customers just how great YOU can look.

Gone are the days of clothing brands relying on a model to parade around in outfits, with little to no thought behind it. It’s the little details that really set you apart from the rest.

Moxie Beauty

We LOVE a before and after at Fraggell. And one that highlights how effective the product is will always be a winner (just make sure it doesn’t look super unrealistic). This one by Moxie Beauty is a great example of a static ad that demonstrates the ‘why’ you need this product.

Creating a need for your product is the main goal of marketing. But the ingredients to creating a need aren’t always so clear. Moxie has shown us that you can include USPs, evidence of what the product does AND funky branding without over-complicating the ad.

The use of colour, design choices and so on are very on-brand and will help even further to stand out from the crowd. The trick is to show the end result of using your product, grabbing the attention of someone who desperately needs to tame their flyaways in this example. This also gives the brand credibility. If your product can lead to a positive change that people are striving for, SHOW IT. As someone who suffers themself, seeing the effectiveness of this product makes me want to add to the cart.

The use of a before and after, great design, and the detail is straightforward and to the point. Bob on.

Le Cateau

We wouldn’t usually feature an ad to an Etsy storefront, but I think this one deserved a shout-out because it really caught my eye.

There are a ton of comments I could make about this ad, and I think a lot of brands could take note. We always mention this, but utilise your positive reviews. If a customer loves your brand, you need to let everyone know. It gains the trust of the viewer and seeing five stars will resonate with them from the get-go ⭐️

The use of comedy is also important here. Le Cateau has taken a light-hearted approach to this static advert. Claiming Linda liked their product so they like her back gives the ad a humorous feel. The ability to make someone smile, chuckle or even laugh out loud is a great way for you to stop your target audience in their tracks.

A personal touch is yet another reason why this ad is so good. Putting a face to the brand makes it feel so much more human rather than transactional. Seeing who is behind the design gives the product a whole new meaning and story, which resonates with the consumer.

Oh, and there’s more. Including a dog (who doesn’t love to see a gorgeous pup on their feed), with a call to action directing to the storefront, this ad works wonders for so many reasons. Great work.

And that’s it for this week’s Nice Ads. See, there’s so much you can do with a static ad! Fraser will be back next week with another 3 ads!

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