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Can High-Production Work on Meta?

How to make sure all your creative works to it's best on paid social

What’s up Nice ads team! Fraser here, back with another issue of your favourite newsletter.

You know what we do here by now - So let’s get things started.

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Let’s start with this simple static from Chilly’s. It’s a nice and easy callout advert. The big headline to the capture attention of the right people and then a clear product image to show off the product in the hands. It might sound obvious, but showing a product in a person’s hands can help with conversions, It allows people to see the scale very quickly without looking at complicated measurements. Pro tip there.

Each call-out is showing a major USP and a reason you’d pick a Chillys bottle over a cheaper version on Amazon. And this works! I literally just bought a Chillys bottle from an advert I saw on Instagram, that was a video version of this creative. IT DOES WORK!

Another important factor to note here is the Trustpilot graphic in the bottom left. Although it’s easy to put a badge on saying “Over 1,000 5-star reviews”. That won’t always work - Because guess what? People fake reviews 🤯 But by mentioning your Trustpilot review score it adds an extra element of social proof. People know that logo and those stars mean REAL REVIEWS. So where you can include your review platforms graphics! It really helps.


You know me, I love a good high-production video. That’s why I make them for a living and I urge all DTC brands to have a nice mix of ad creative styles in their library.

So it’s no surprise this one caught my eye this week - Just look at it 😍 absolutely stunning visuals. This is how you shoot a nice-looking product video. Plenty of movement and dynamic shots to keep the viewer engaged.

BUT they’ve fallen into the usual trap I see with this style of video. It’s not an advert for social. It’s a TVC in portrait. So how do we make a creative like this work on paid? Well here’s how;

  • Faster cuts - Keep the customer more engaged making every second count.

  • More captions! Give the viewer something to read while hearing the voiceover.

  • A better hook. Currently, it looks great, but it’s just a box… I have no idea what it is and I’d scroll right past it.

If Mica implemented those 3 things this advert would be 10x better. Because although it looks great, chances are it won’t perform very well unless it’s BOF. Let’s make that creative work in all the stages of the funnel.

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Merci Walter

Yes, I know this advert is in French. I have no idea what the copy says. But the technics and principles I want to go over in this creative have no language barrier 😂

Here’s why this advert deserves the Nice Ads badge;

They’ve taken the simple US vs THEM format and made it an engaging video/gif concept that just works. The button design is so smart, it’s taking a graphic we’re all familiar with and they're using it to their advantage.

They’ve split the screen into two clear halves to represent the polar opposites of products to help with that product positioning phycology. Then if that wasn’t enough - They’ve used videos instead of images 🔥 That’s what we like to see! Elevating that creative to a whole new level.

Excellent travail les gars (Thank you google translate)

That’s all for this week’s Nice Ads! As always, it’s been a pleasure - If you want more content like this. I post everyday over on Twitter.

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