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What can we learn from Dropshippers?

It’s Monday and it’s a holiday for the UK and USA. So let’s break down some ads to keep our heads in the game.

This week we have a few statics and videos to go over - Let’s get started.

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I’m such a fan of this creative - for a start it looks beautiful. Secondly, it's on brand while still being a performance creative, something you don't see that often. Just from looking at this ad, we understand how fun the brand is, but we also understand what the product is.

At its heart, this is just a simple USP callout ad, but they've done it in a way that looks a little bit different from all the other creatives out there. The point-out arrows are fun and creative. The fonts used are soft and curvy, unusual font styles that you see in a standard ad creative.

The main thing that I want you to take from this creative is the performance creative doesn't need to be boring. You can still make something on-brand and good-looking while still getting great results. You just need to remember the key principles of ad creative and you’ll succeed.

Custom Bracelets

Okay, bear with me on this one. This isn't the usual type of ad creative that I'd show in nice ads but I think there's something really important that we can learn from it.

If you watch the video in full you'll notice it's actually pretty short, but from the first second or two, you know exactly what the product is. It does a fantastic job of showing us why you should buy this.

The secret to this video - every shot is a hook. That's why you can watch the entire ad, without realising that you've just watched the entire ad. Every shot is engaging and follows on to the next one.

Don't get me wrong. Some of these hooks are absolutely insane. However, it works. It grabs your attention and it engages the viewer and the chances are some people will purchase the products just to try it out.

We can learn a lot from dropshipping videos like this because they always manage to capture attention and get sales for dirt cheap. Otherwise the dropshipper doesn't make any money because those margins are so slim. So don't just write off a video because of the type of product or quality. There’s always something to be learned from every ad creative.

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One of the most powerful techniques when it comes to social psychology is Price Anchoring. And that's exactly what is being used in the above creative. Showing what each item costs normally and then crossing out those prices and showing a new bundled price. Making the deal seem even sweeter.

If you take away this technique from the ad creative, it doesn't work nearly as well. The entire creative is built around price anchoring. You're anchoring the value of your product high and then showing a cheaper price for the same thing. Marketing genius.

It's the same technique that we use on our product pages when a product is on sale. Showing the original price and then showing the sale price so why not use it in your ad creative?

This is such a clever way to display bundles and free trials - It’s a must when it comes to Q4.

That’s all for Nice ads this week! Thanks as always for reading, I’ll be back here again next week when we do it all again.

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