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Can you make converting creative in the Apple Notes App?!

Hey guys - It’s Hannah back again for a breakdown of three ads that really caught Fraser and my attention this week!

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The speed and rhythm of your ad is pretty important and can be missed by many brands. But Brooklinen has hit the nail on the head with this piece of creative.

Let’s start with the hook first. We’ve mentioned this plenty of times, but if you can offer your customer a little 💫something extra💫 in the ad, then you should! TikTok seems to have launched this creative style, but adding value to your ad like tips and tricks is a certified winner. In that first second, you’re already giving the viewer a reason to stick around - Bringing that hold rate up!

Now let’s talk about the shots within the creative. Fast cuts retain the viewer’s attention. You don’t want a future consumer growing bored, especially as you need to fight through the noise on social. The Brooklinen ad is only 13 seconds long, but in that time the brand includes a scroll stopper, then it leads into fast-paced, interesting movements which highlight how to use the product.

If you can cram all the information you need into a short amount of time while also keeping the viewer engaged, then your job is already done.

Morning Brew

The use of Apple’s app’s inside ads has started to creep up more and more on our feeds. From iMessage to the notes app, you might have noticed brands using this tactic recently. And while it is incredibly easy to create, there are a number of reasons it works so well. So keep these in mind for your next cheap and easy creative!

Morning Brew’s ad doesn’t feel like an ad because of the way it’s formatted. And that right there is why it just works. The creative feels native and not like you are being ‘sold to’. Believe it or not, most people don’t enjoy being force-fed a marketing message (shocking I know). So if your ad feels natural and like something your friend would post, users are more likely to stop and take a look.

Not only that, the notes app is a very familiar tool. Apple has over a billion customers, which means a billion people will recognise your ad and relate to you!!!

The copy is also incredibly strong. In just 25 words, the brand perfectly condenses all the details you need, even ending on a call to action. Perfection 👌

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So simple yet so effective. Wisp has really nailed the uncomplicated ad. Here’s what makes this one in particular very eye-catching…

GIF’s are really successful, particularly on Meta. They’re a powerful in-between that you should be running - it adds movement to a static image without the effort of creating a whole video ad. In this example, the only movement is the 5 stars coming onto screen. Straightforward, to the point, what more do you need?

The use of a review was another reason I chose this creative. Utilising your customer reviews is a no-brainer! If someone loves your product, you need to share it. Storytelling is effective, and potential consumers will relate more to a customer’s personal story than anything else. Spread the love.

Another extra note to add - this creative uses colour and shape to its advantage. The GIF looks out of the ordinary with funky shapes and patterns used. It showcases the product, but not in a way many people will usually see on the feed. This in itself is a scroll stopper. Good work Wisp.

That’s it for this week! Thanks for reading. Fraser will be back next week - But in the meantime, get creating!

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