Can UGC Ads be fun?

Check out these 3 ad breakdowns and learn from the pros.

Hello everyone, it’s Hannah again, back to take over from Fraser to give you all another breakdown of three ads that I think are brilliant.

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Manic Panic

This style of static ad doesn’t get enough credit in my opinion, and Manic Panic has shown us how it’s done.

We see many brands struggle to break the boundaries and usually stick to the traditional style of ad creative we all know and recognise. Manic Panic has given us an insight into how you can market your product on social without even showing the product in question (bare with me here).

Gamified ads. When done correctly, they can really attract and draw customers in. If you can keep people looking at your ad for longer, then this is already amazing news.

Static demonstrations in a pop-questionnaire style format are becoming widely popular on Meta. How does that work I hear you ask? Well, the Pinterest generation love to see what product would be best for them based on pointless information. Creating an ad that links your product with a personality type stops the scroll, as viewers on socials, simply put, want to see what the internet believes they need.

This kind of gamified advert is not only effective to stop the scroll, but because it slides so easily into the feed, it feels organic and not at all like you’re being sold to. If you find yourself wondering what flavour you should try because you’re a Scorpio, the brand is already laughing to the bank.

A simple static doesn’t always cut it - if you can create a quiz-like ad just like Manic Panic have demonstrated, you could be onto a winner.

Dr. Barbara Sturm

The power of reviews is undeniable. But put it alongside a nice-looking static and you’ll create ad magic like this one.

There are a number of reasons why Dr Barbara Sturm’s advert struck me on the feed. 1 - The lighting and image placement. I’m a sucker for an aesthetically pleasing ad. I’ve mentioned it plenty of times, but pretty = priceless. This ad in particular is incredibly clean looking, and for many of us, would mean we would admire the advert on our socials.

The product has also been split into two parts. Pretty simple, but showcasing your product in an untypical fashion will always catch the attention of a potential consumer.

Add the utilisation of positive 5-star reviews and your creative will pop.

BUT. One thing to remember is that high-production statics like this will only work for certain niches. The beauty industry is a great example of how this works as it feels natural on the feed. The customer and product need to match, so make sure your brand can pull off a high-end-looking social advert.

And another thing I will add - how good would this ad look as a GIF? The reviews typed on, the serum dripping out of the bottle along with everything I’ve already mentioned? Perfection.

Leading eComm + DTC brands are using these 3 strategies to drive revenue with micro-influencers:

  1. Create authentic UGC for ads. Tip: ask the creators for both raw and edited footage with hooks and CTA variations for creative testing.

  2. Run whitelisted ads on Meta and TikTok to amplify your content: which typically converts 2X better than traditional brand ads.

  3. Drive traffic and sales through product seeding, affiliate partnerships, and brand ambassadorship campaigns with micro-influencers that fit your brand.

It can be a juggling act using different tools for all your influencer marketing strategies. Join brands like Clinicalskin, Hollywood Hair Bar, Bearaby, and KOS Naturals who use Insense as their 3-in-1 tool for UGC, influencer partnerships, and influencer ads for Meta and TikTok.


And finally, let’s talk about this UGC ad from Knix which caught my eye this week. User-generated content can look a bit same-y, so take note if you want to change up your ad creative.

Firstly - the hook. ‘It’s day 1 of my period’. A relatable first line will automatically stop the scroll on the feed for the target demo. If your brand offers a product that can help solve a problem, mention the problem straight away. The viewer then knows to continue watching the ad because they are interested in how this issue can be resolved.

The use of the product is also very integral in this ad. Not only does it display the leakproof underwear on the creator’s body, but it’s also styled with a full (and may I say risky because of the colour) outfit. This ‘get ready with me’ style content has been a huge hit, especially on TikTok. The targeted demographic for this video will want to see a use case - your consumer wants to feel comfortable using this product, so why not show how easy it is to use?

The organic feel of the advert is also a major positive in my eyes. Again, if your consumer doesn’t feel like they are being sold to, they are more likely to continue watching it.

To see how to hit all your USPs in a short period of time, click the link below.

That's all for this week's Nice Ads. Thanks very much for reading and I look forward to seeing you next week.

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