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Cracking High-Converting Direct Reponse Ads

Boost Your Marketing Mojo: Analyzing Winning Ads From Athletic Greens, Culprit Underwear, and Bleame

It’s Monday, so it’s time for another Nice Ads! We’re in the last few days of February already 🤯 Let’s finish the month with 3 great breakdowns. This week I go deep into Culprit Underwear’s marketing and why it just rocks. Be sure to read it all this week.

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Drink AG1

Let’s talk about price. The number one objection most customers have when buying a product online. What can we do in our ad creative to fix that objection?

Well, let’s take a leaf out of handbook.

Address that objection directly in your ad creative. People will respond well because you aren’t avoiding the question. Instead, your opening talking about price. If fact if you watch the ad creative in full you see how much detail she goes into, with lots of greenscreen sections explaining what goes into AG1.

The entire video is basically a video sales letter telling you why AG1 is the best product in the niche. Super clever!

At the end she even asks for comments and questions, opening the dialogue and allowing the brand to further prove its worth.

So if you have a product that is already anchored to a price lower than yours, take the time to explain the higher pricing. It’ll build customer trust and help push people to a sale.


I saw this advert when scrolling through Foreplay last week and it grabbed me and I knew I had to share it with you.

It ticks so many boxes. So let's break it down and why I think you should steal this 🤫

  • Colour - How often do I tell you that colour plays a massive part in how clickable a creative is? Every dang week! Because it’s important. This entire advert is purple. Even the product. It’s been designed with colour in mind and that helps it stand off the boring feed and jump out at you. Don’t be boring. Use colour.

  • 3 product benefits - Everything good comes in threes and that includes product benefits. Within a second or two you know what you gain from using the product and that’s the reason this probably converts so well. It’s easy to understand at a glance and is led by the customer’s needs.

  • Great copy - Your headline is everything in a static ad. The catchier the better. This one is funny and relevant. It gets a smile and that’s what we want. Because that leads to the customer being able to recall the ad.

Now can you see why I wanted to share it with you? It’s brilliant. Shoutout to whoever made this.

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I’ve covered creative from Culprit before and we’re doing it again. This time breaking down this brilliant Harmon Brothers style video.

If you have no idea who Harmon Brothers are then go do a google, they are the guys that make those direct-to-camera ads that pretty much always go viral. So many brands try to copy the style and very few succeed. But Culprit have done it 👏In fact, most of Culprit’s ads are made in-house. Co-Founders David Dinetz and Dylan Trussell actually owned creative agency Culprit Creative before starting the underwear brand - That’ll explain why the ads are so good…

But let’s talk about the advert - Why does it work and where does it fit into this UGC-heavy ad creative environment?

Well, the simple answer is, it doesn’t fit in. That’s why it works. Consumers are so used to seeing UGC ads on their feeds that making an entertaining video like this stands out and gets the click. People respect it. Very rarely do we see a high-production ad creative that entertains and that’s what Culprit have managed to craft. They’ve written a great script, nailed the speed and even kept it social with the caption styles and in-jokes. At the end of the day, they’re just selling underwear… It’s nothing groundbreaking. But they’ve found product market fit and understand what makes their demographic tick. All that leads to marketing gold.


I encourage you to go and watch the entire video and check out their ad library as well. Great stuff in there.

That’s all for Nice Ads this week! Thanks so much for reading and being a part of this growing community.

If you haven’t already, drop me a follow on Twitter for daily creative tips and I’ll see you soon

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