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Creative hacks to use to engage your customer

Happy Monday - It’s time again for Nice Ads. Grab a cuppa and let’s break down some ads.

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The Ridge

This is a fantastic creative for Ridge for so many reasons. How great is that copy? If you’ve ever thought about buying a Ridge wallet then you’ll know they’re expensive - So what’s the best way to address this objection? Call it out. Make your customer aware of WHY it costs what it does.

A price without context is useless. The customer will always anchor it to the cheapest version of that item. “£100+ for a wallet?! Your kidding? My last wallet was £10” However if you give a reason as to why the wallet is £100 then the customer can justify the price.

This advert is a masterclass on how to sell an expensive product. Take notes people.

Away from the copy, the colour also plays a big part in why this creative will be so successful. Red is one of the most eye-catching colours you can use within your ads - It draws attention more than any other colour. So that’ll be why they picked this SKU over the others.

This creative is one for the swipe file people.


This isn’t the first time I’ve given the Nice Ads trophy to Jambys - They make great ads that never fail to make me want to order a set. I chose this one due to the hook “STOP SCROLLING IF…” I’m almost 100% sure you’ve seen or used this hook yourself in the past - But why does it work so well?

It’s pretty simple; you're relating your product to a select group of people. It’s the perfect way to advertise.

What’s more effective - Shouting at a stadium full of people on the off chance the right person will find you? Or prefilling the stadium with your perfect demographic? The latter.

By calling out people that suffer from a certain problem or do a certain thing you are creating a niche viewer who is ready to buy your product. In fact, that’s why I picked this video - I got served it on Meta and I sleep in my boxers so I watched 🤣

This hook is super effective and should be running on every brand’s account - because remember, creative IS your targeting.

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Curology is the master of the handwritten note creative. They have so many of these running at one time it was hard to pick one to show you this week.

But this one had been running for over a month so it’s clearly a winner (How do I know this? I use Foreplay which gives you all kinds of useful data)

The handwritten note format has been a winner for well over 2 years now. We found great success with this style in the early TikTok days. The idea is you write your copy physically on some paper or a sticky note and place that somewhere inside your frame. Doing this causes pattern interrupt and a higher % of people will stop and read this because it’s written than they would if it was a digital copy.

When done right this works so well. Also, a fast way to test new messaging - I’ve also recently seen some people using AI to dynamically change the handwritten text depending on the user’s location 🤯

Give this a try this week.

That’s all for this week! Thanks so much for reading - If you didn’t get my email on Saturday you might not know I just realised my first-ever digital product that helps people like you make better static ads. Check out CreativeOS here.

See you soon 👋

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