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Creative as HOT as the UK 🔥

Need some creative inspo? Let's do it.

Welcome back, team. It's that time of the week again, so let's break down some ad creative! If you are in the UK then I hope you are reading this from a bath of ice. It's very warm out there 🥵 Let's get started!

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Estrid creates some amazing ad creative that always catches my eye and I'm not even the demographic.

The main reason I chose this ad this week was the copy. We'd be nowhere without good copywriters and this advert is a perfect example of that - Because in essence the creative is made up of a simple product image and some graphics. But it's all tied together with great copy that the customer can relate to. 

It's simple but so effective. 

If you don't have one already I would suggest getting yourself a copywriter that writes brilliant ad copy. Because your creative will be a million times better. 

Scuf Gaming

Your creative should always stop thumbs and if your thumb stop rate is under 20% then it's time to rethink your ad creative. 

I've not seen the thumb stop rate for this gif creative but I bet it's 25%+ because it's honestly brilliant. It's visually captivating, drawing you in right away with the changing controllers but also very on brand. Those two things are hard to nail down in one advert.

But what can we learn from this? Well, sometimes you don't need a crazy shocking scroll stopper. Sometimes just showing your product is enough. 

We work with a lot of brands and their product looks so good that we don't even need to think of a scroll stopper because the product IS the scroll stopper. So as I always say! Keep it simple stupid. 

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UGC is always a great formula for ad creative - However, to make it work across platforms it needs to be REAL good. 

The reason I chose this from Jambys is the hook. It's vital when making UGC. That's why in this video they've stuck with a proven one - The PSA. Pair this hook with unboxing and product demo BRoll tie it together with a voice-over and you're onto a winner it's that simple. 

The text on the screen grabs people who are in the market for your product and the video behind the text demonstrates why they need it in their life. 

This will work on most platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram so your investment is well worth it. 

UGC is super powerful but make sure you do it right!!!

👉🏼 Watch in full here.

That's all for this week's Nice Ads! We're closing in on 900 subscribers so big thanks for that 🎉 

I'll be seeing you next week - Feel free to follow me on Twitter for more ad creative tips and tricks.

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