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Why Creative is your Targeting.

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Happy Monday Nice ads team! I hope you had a good weekend and are ready for the week ahead!

As always I have 3 ads to break down from all the different niches in DTC.

So let’s get rolling.

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I’m a big fan of practical content being used inside static ads so when I saw this I had to share it with you. In fact, I also broke it down on my Twitter a few weeks ago.

Why does this work? Well because you don’t expect a brand to run a printed piece of paper as an advert. So it captures your attention. You stop and you read it and all the information you need about Hopper is there.

You quickly understand that the service is an app and finds you discounts on expensive hotels - Discounts so good you just have to take them.

What else do you want your creative to do? You’ve stopped a scroller and you’ve educated a cold customer on your service. Sounds pretty good to me.

Also from a design standpoint, we can’t ignore that the advert is in comic sans right? 😂 I think this was probably done on purpose to make the poster feel more real and ground the advert. The fact is anyone can use the app - Even those who aren’t tech-savvy enough to use a better font. Or am I just thinking too much into it….

The Goodnight Co.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been speaking to a bunch of brand owners about what’s performing on Meta and they’ve all said the same thing.

Simple statics.

Keeping things direct in your advertising is key and addressing customers’ problems is an essential part of ad creative - So you can see why I picked this creative.

If you can’t sleep, you will stop and look at this ad - There is no doubt about that. So the creative has done its job. Creative IS targeting. Traditional methods are dead. So creative like this is so important.

The creative enticed the target customer and the chances are they clicked on your landing page. There isn’t much more to talk about when it comes to this creative, it’s simple. It did the job and you should try something similar.

Design ad creatives that get clicks

Good ad creatives stop people in their scrolls – and help you get their attention, build brand affinity, and drive more conversions.

The best part?

Designing beautiful, engaging ads is easier than ever. With Creatopy, you can design an ad, animate it easily, and resize it automatically to as many sizes as you need – all in minutes, even if you don’t have the best design skills in the world.


I touched on this a little in the last creative - But I want to go in deep here about why Creative is the new targeting.

Advertising has changed. You can no longer just pick who you want to see your advert, so targeting now falls on the creative. Facebook will put your advert in front of the right people, they’re smart. That’s why the hook is so important, it’s not just for attracting attention - It’s also for targeting the right people.

In the creative above, the hook directly calls out women with or having children. So there is no way a single 20-year-old male is going to watch this. So you’ve already filtered out irrelevant viewers. Job done.

Now you only have the right people watching you can start to educate THAT customer on why the product is perfect for them. If you watch the full video you’ll see that the creator is shown with her children and using the easy slip-on feature to help her daily life. It’s a great video that is made for the perfect customer.

If you aren’t using your hook and creative to target then you are doing ads wrong.

That’s it for this week’s Nice Ads! Thanks again for reading - I’ll see you in the next one.

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