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The Easiest Ad Creative You Can Make

Let's breakdown another 3 creatives and show you how to make them

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It’s Monday again, and it’s July (my birthday month). How should we celebrate? Should we break down three ad creatives? I thought you’d never ask.

Let’s do it.

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This might have given you a headache, but this creative is killer. Why? Because it captures attention while being under 5 seconds AND product-focused. It ticks so many boxes.

This technique is nothing new; in fact, it’s used a lot in films. But this is the first time I’ve seen it inside Ad Creative. So how do you make it? Take a ton of photos of your product in different locations in the centre of the frame. Then, just cut them one after another in quick succession. However, the secret to making it look 10x better is to edit and move each image to ensure the product is always in the same place in the frame. Easy!

That’s your task for this week—go away and make one of these creatives. I’ve armed you with the method; now go make it. Use Capcut to edit, and when you're done, send it to me on Twitter.


Here’s one we made at Fraggell for a subscription cat food brand. The idea is simple: cats are funny when they do human things. So what better than making them write an iMessage asking for more of their favourite food?

It works on a few levels. The main one is familiarity—we all know what an iMessage looks like, so it captures our attention on the feed and makes us want to find out what the ad is about. But the copy is the core driver—we show how much cats love the product and its range of flavours.

See! Statics are smarter than you think. Get creative with them, and you’ll see results!

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TikTok ad creative is so much simpler than people make out. You can get away with making the simplest videos as long as they speak to what your customer wants to hear.

In this example, the copy just lists the customer's problem and then presents the product as the solution by displaying it behind the text. Easy. Stop overthinking your ads for TikTok - Use a trend, put your spin on it, and watch it convert. It’s content like this that anyone at any level can make. As long as you know your customer - The rest is easy.

That’s your lot for this week’s Nice Ads. Thanks for reading! I’m trying to integrate as much of the feedback you’ve been giving as I can. Because of that, the issues are a little shorter, and I’ve been trying to give you some actionable advice!

If you haven't already, be sure to follow me on Twitter and send me your ad when you’ve made it.

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