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Feelings Motivate Purchases

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It’s a Monday and so that means it’s time for Nice Ads. Giving you your weekly inspiration for ad creative. Hopefully, you had a great weekend - Let’s get started!

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Noted Aromas

This week, I really wanted to speak about this advert that caught my eye from an essence company. it's just a simple UGC product video however it's done in a really fascinating way.

The creator is giving reasons why you shouldn't buy from this company but the reasons why you shouldn't buy from them are also the same reasons why you should buy from them. He is using the old don't press the red button psychology that we all know works so well.

In order to see this video and its full beauty, you definitely need to watch the entire thing. This is a real masterclass on how you can use sales and human psychology to win a purchase.

One of my favourite reasons he gives is that the company is really cheap to buy from, meaning that you have spare money at the end of the month. This is flipping the whole idea of a cheap product on its head. A lot of the time we’re told to believe that cheap means the product you get will be poor quality. However, in this video, we’re told to believe that cheap is actually a positive thing. This is a perfect example of price anchoring, but not done in the traditional way we are used to.

If you're looking for a new way to create a ‘3 reasons why’ video, this is definitely an example that you should use.


One of the main reasons that people buy products is to feel better. That's especially apparent when you look at the beauty and apparel space. You purchase a beauty product to make yourself look better and feel more confident, and you buy new clothes to present yourself, as who you want to be.

Shapewear is a really interesting product to advertise. Because most brands stick to one angle; “Wear this and you’ll look slimmer”. It's overdone and it's boring.

And that's the reason that I picked this advert, because, instead of focusing on looking slimmer, it's focusing on how you feel as a person. You feel confident. You feel curvy and you're achieving the figure of your dreams.

Feelings motivate purchases and so that’s why you should call out these feelings in your advertising. Most people buy Shapewear products because they feel self-conscious about the way they look. So you're not selling Shapewear, you're selling body confidence.

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The reason I wanted to pick this advert this week isn't necessarily because the video itself is anything amazing, but the angle is incredible. I talk a lot about how your ad creative is your targeting, and this video is the perfect example of that.

The scroll stopper is there to call out a very niche, demographic of pregnant vegans. If you happen to be having children and you’re vegan, this video will make you stop scrolling. Why? Because how often do you see a pregnant vegan get called out in a video? Not very often.

The product is solving a problem for a certain demographic, and because that demographic is so niche, the purchasing power is much higher. For example, if I got an advert telling me how people with ginger beards can become better golfers, I would stop right away and watch it because it is speaking to me. It feels personal.

This is why UGC can be so powerful when done properly. It allows you to speak to your customer on a personal level and relate to them like no high-production advert ever could. We've been seeing great results calling out the demographic in the scroll stopper when working with our clients, so you should definitely try this in the coming week.

That’s it for Nice Ads this week. Thanks very much for reading as always. Be sure to follow me on Twitter for more free tips and tricks on how you can make better creative and I look forward to seeing you over there soon!

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