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Funky Ad Ideas to Refresh 🔥

Ad creative feeling a little sleepy? Here's some inspiration for getting funky with your ad creative this week.

HiSmile, ShitiCoolers, and WizardPins Ads

Happy Monday - and welcome to another edition of Nice Ads!I'm Alexa, Head of Brand at Triple Whale, and Fraser's new partner-in-crime in making this delightful little inbox drop for you each week. This week we're covering some "funky" ad creative - some non-traditional concepts to give your creative a refresh if it's feeling a bit stale. Without further ado, let's dig in to the juicy stuff!


HiSmile Ad

HiSmile is one DTC brand I always have my eye on. They sell a unique array of DTC dental care products, most of which are within the tooth whitening vertical. They’re consistently pumping out innovative ad concepts and ranking on TikTok’s Top Ad Creative page.There's no doubt in my mind this ad crushes on just about any platform for so many reasons. Here's why I think it's awesome:- Picture-in-picture (TikTok greenscreen) format is always a top-performer- In the hook, a UGC creator actively doubts the efficacy of the product from watching the brands' ad and upfront addresses purchase objections - She then goes on to try product herself and ✨ SURPRISE ✨ - she loves it. - There's unboxing, there's ease of use demonstration, there's high-res packaging features; all the good stuff.- The creator closes the ad showing herself in the space that she'd actually use the product (her bathroom) from a very authentic camera angle, effectively proving to the viewers that HiSmile is nothing less than totally legit. - Last note: there's no heavy CTA here. The creator just says "I love it!" before closing the ad, making the ad feel more like an authentic review. In my opinion, this is the future of UGC/social proof. Working with a creator to address any possible purchase objection and covering it in the ad creative before hitting the LP is stellar. 10/10!

View the full ad here


Shiti Coolers Ad

Shiti Coolers is SUCH a fun brand. Think beers, bikinis, and a good ol'party. They sell a variety of coolers, coozies, apparel, etc - but really they’re selling the experience of a rowdy party with the gang. This is the definition of a funky ad, and I love it. Here's why it crushes: - Branded font is eye-catching but legible. The text already puts the consumer in the headspace of having purchased the cooler- The video creative shows the cooler in the space that most consumers will actually use it, a beach party- The video creative itself is extraordinarily scroll-stopping: we've got a man in a silly hat, wearing a tiny bathing suit, fanny pack atop...it's very meme-able/share-able content- This ad is truly showing the experience of having the product. Fair to assume the gentleman featured as crushed a few cold ones from the cooler himself, and he's living out the "party experience" this brand seeks to provide. - Essentially, this ad is nothing like an ad at all. Of course, we could be looking at a glossy video of a cold beer pulled out of a functional cooler. BUT -  a functional cooler is one thing. A cooler that sets the tone and the vibes for your beach party? Totally different. It’s an emotional appeal on a whole new level.

This creative is super easy to pull together - shot on iPhone, incredibly easy editing, plus you get to have a little fun while you're working on it. 10/10!

View the full ad here


WizardPins Ad

This is possibly my favorite creative pro tip of the week...handwritten text in images. It's crushed for countless brands I've worked with, and I was so excited to see this creative from WizardPins! So simple, and so effective. WizardPins make custom enamel pins (and other swag) based on designs you create. Here's why this asset rocks:- In this photo, all they’ve done is take a high-res shot of someone writing out the steps to creation of a pin and visually depicting the design (little scribble) to actual result (see pin attached). - It’s easy to create, scroll-stopping - people want to read the text - and it stands out from traditional ads by making the ad look a bit more like a post from someone on your feed. Scrollers always want to stop and see what’s written - it’s a game-changer.

That's all we've got for you this week! Fraser will be back 'atcha next Monday. Have an awesome week!