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This is the funniest ad I've ever seen

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Hey! Fraser here with another three ads for your viewing pleasure. The third one is so funny it’ll will make your Monday 10x better.

We’ve taken on some of your feedback on how we can improve Nice Ads, and hopefully, over the coming weeks, you’ll see some of that reflected in the newsletter.


I feel like Oatly is well known for its on-the-nose advertising, and this creative is no different. They’ve stopped the scroll with something people don’t see that often and then just made a joke on the fact it’s an advert.

Videos like this are in no way performance creative; this is a brand play - Get people to know who you are by capturing their attention - In the hopes that they’ll maybe Google you or recognise your product on the shelf next time they go shopping.

The more money you have, the more you can develop concepts like this. Because let’s be honest, this isn’t converting many customers.

The Ordinary

Your ad creative can do more than sell. It can and should educate people on what product is right for them. This example from The Ordinary does that perfectly. They know from research that customers don’t know the difference between two of their products, so they make a video on it. Easy.

Addressing concerns and objections with your creative is one of the best ways to convert customers. Answer the questions they have before they even ask them. Use your reviews, post-purchase surveys and organic social posts to find that information - That’s where the customers will be honest with you.

I created a course. It’s perfect for start-up DTC brands that want to upskill before they can scale to a higher level and hire an agency.

It’s called - The Ad Creative Course (Good name, right?)

In this four-module course, I show you everything you need to know about making great creative, from strategy to editing. Plus, with every purchase, you get a one-on-one call with me AND lifetime access to our community.

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Preparation H

I’m sure you’ve already seen this trend of stitching viral clips into your ads. Some of the results are so funny, and this one is by far the best. Please go watch it in full now; it’ll make your day.

Videos like this are great; they capture attention, stay in your mind, and are super sharable. BUT making them for your paid media could land you in some legal issues because you don’t own the video you’re stitching. This means the actual owner of these clips has grounds to sue for profiting off their work, and since a lot of these clips will be owned by licensing companies like LADBible, you’d be shocked at how strict they can be.

So it might be best to keep videos like this on organic social.

That’s all for this week's Nice Ads. I uploaded a new YouTube video this week teaching you how to analyse your ad creative. Give it a watch here. 

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