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Gamified Ads and Price Anchoring

How to up creative engagement with ads that people WANT to watch

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It’s Monday, and it's time to review some ad creative and fill you with ideas for the rest of the week.

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SKIIN Underwear

I picked this static because of a psychological principle called Price Anchoring. This principle is one of the best ways to sell a product that might be a little bit more expensive than people are used to paying. The idea is to give the customer a new way to look at the price. For example, in this image ad, they’re saying, ‘Do you want to spend $234.48 every year or just $19.99 for three years' for the same product? Any sane person would pick the cheapest option.

And that’s the point in price anchoring - Present the price in a way that anchors it lower than it actually is - Making people see the reason to purchase. Clever right? The same can be done with a CPG product you have daily. Show the price as a low daily figure instead of a large one-off price.


I love ads like this, and I hardly EVER see them. Gamifying the creative to encourage people to interact and engage with the brand. And it’s so simple; this video would have taken them about 15 minutes to make. I don’t know the results, but I’m guessing they were pretty good.

Place this in reels and stories and happy days. It’s a perfect example of thinking outside the box when it comes to ad creative, finding new ways to give your customer a reason actually to watch the video.

Have fun with your ads; stop being so boring and making the same stuff over and over.

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Quinny Strollers

Now, this is a creative way to show how much stuff you can fit into a stroller! I love it. But I think there is some theory behind the design. Are you ready for it? What age group is having the most babies right now? The generation grew up playing drag-and-drop games on their family computer running Windows 98 and XP. And what does this creative look like? A drag-and-drop flash game you’d play in your computer class.

It speaks to the demographic they know are buying the product. Very smart. It might not even be accurate, but if it’s not, then they should lie and say it is because that is some big-brain thinking for yours truly.

Either way, it’s another great example of making your ad creative… creative and more brands need to do it. Give people a reason to stop and watch that isn’t just for a clickbait hook.

That’s all for this week’s issue of Nice Ads - Thanks for reading and giving me some of your time this morning.

Also, I posted a new YouTube video this week teaching you my top 6 elements every ad creative should have to convert like crazy. Give it a watch here.

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