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How to Generate ENDLESS Creative Ideas

Your ad creative is about to change forever.

Hey team! Happy Monday, it's time to break down some ad creative. I have some interesting thoughts on TikTok ads so keep reading!

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Reviews!!!! Reviews are your best friend when it comes to creating content. You can use them to generate angles for your ads or Culprit has used them AS the content.

The full advert is simply a model wearing the product and reading out the review in a seductive way. Super easy to create! You could create a bunch of these in an hour of shooting, test them all and see what works best. Content like this is brilliant to make at a high volume for testing.

Chances are this is a MOF and BOF advert since it's not super eye-catching unless you've seen the other videos the model was in or are already familiar with the product. This is one to try!



This is a TikTok advert. I can already hear you screaming about this not working on TikTok since it's not UGC. But hear me out.

TikTok is changing. The platform is maturing every day and just like we've seen on other platforms the type of content customers react to changes with the platform. UGC won't always be the best way to display your product on TikTok. Sometimes professional shot content with a TikTok flare will do just as well if not better.

This is a great example from Very, the video is very simple and uses TikTok-style transitions to show off a range of products. This will work on TikTok. Consumers will soon be tired of being fooled into watching an advert by a UGC creator, it will come. So be prepared and diversify your ad creative! Even on TikTok.

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Images and videos mixed together are a GREAT combo I don't see enough. So this is your reminder to go away and try this for yourself.

This advert from Lalo has mixed some super simple UGC with some high-quality static images and it looks great 🔥 Again very easy to create yourself.

But one of the main reasons this advert will perform is the aesthetic. Every parent wants a beautifully tidy home and so they'll watch this video and get drawn in by the stunning interiors and lovely-looking products. They are setting a standard that they're customer desires and tapping into that to get the sale. Very clever.

You'll find this similar sales technique used in furniture adverts all the time. Show a beautiful home, relate it to your product, and allow the customer to picture themselves there.

It's simple but effective.

That's your lot this week! As always thank you for giving me some of your time and I hope you go out and make some kick-ass ad creative this week 🔥

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