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Why your hooks are so important

And stop overcomplicating your static ads...

Happy Easter everyone! Hannah here - I’m taking over from Fraser this week to give you the top 3 ads that really caught my eye this week!

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Athletic Greens

I could honestly go on all day about how much I love this ad. Everyone should take note because this just smashes it out of the park.

Athletic Greens truly know how to make a great ad. And this one in particular caught my attention because of the split screen.

While split-screen ads are pretty common, I rarely ever see them done in this way where it shows the product being used in two POV’s. And the way it matches up perfectly is just 🤌🏼

The aesthetics of this ad are also extremely pleasing, as I always say, if your product looks ‘pretty’, you should always push for your creative team to use this to your advantage. Because it’s pretty simple - pretty content stands out in a feed full of UGC. All you need is a blank studio space and you can let the product do the talking.


We always talk about the power of a great hook and this one in particular by Reframe shows us how it’s done.

The simplicity of this ad highlights how we don’t need to overcomplicate our ads, and the ability to stop the scroll is a very powerful thing to accomplish.

So why does this work for Reframe? Well, if this was placed in your feed, you surely must have questioned why they were pouring away a perfectly good glass of red wine (because I’d never waste wine like that 👀).

We always tell our clients that a hook that acts as a metaphor really pulls in a consumer and makes them think. Whether that be pouring away old habits like in this ad or destroying the competitor’s products, the first 3 seconds are crucial. If your hook rate is high, you are on your way to making a killer social advert.

And not only do the visuals pull you in, but the customer review also helps along with this. You definitely know this by now, but if you aren’t utilising positive feedback from your customers, you need to start NOW.

UGC video ads are high converters because they influence purchase decisions.

But most brands need help to get high-quality UGC at scale, with complete content copyrights, to use across all marketing channels.

Enter Insense - the UGC + influencer marketing platform to get both raw footage and fully-edited UGC for ads (plus B-rolls for creative testing), build long-term relationships and brand ambassadors with creators, and partner with influencers for posting and whitelisted ads.

Here’s what companies have been able to achieve with Insense:

  • The Snow Agency scaled UGC production for whitelisted ads to drive higher ROI for their clients

  • Wonderskin sourced 100 UGC video assets with less than a $5K budget

  • Kos Naturals used UGC to build social proof to drive 3x ROI

Try it now. Get $200 for your first campaign until Apr 7.

P.S. Plus try their post-production service to take all the stress away and deliver you high-quality, monthly post-produced ads.


This static ad by MACK ticks plenty of boxes and has made my top 3 for a number of reasons.

First of all - look how clean it is! This may be a personal preference, but a simple and clear ad will always stand out to me on the feed. The product is highlighted along with all the benefits, what else would a consumer need to understand your brand?

Another thing to point out is the callouts. And not only the use of callouts but how they are displayed. If your product offers a number of unique perceived benefits, then this should be shown in your ad. But what I like about MACK’s ad is how it has been presented. The illustrations alongside each POD is much more interesting to look at and will be 10x more effective when engaging your viewer.

The main takeaway here is that anyone can create something like the above - With the right copy and images, it’s easy. Focus on the benefits and drive them home to the consumer.

That’s it for this week’s Nice Ads! Hopefully, this has given you some inspiration for the rest of the week.

I’ll see you soon!

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