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How Important is Audio in Your Ads?

Should we all be paying more attention to sound?

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Another week, another set of ads to review with you.

All video ads this week! So, let’s get moving.

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Hey Harper

Normally, my breakdowns of these ads are centred around the visuals of the creative—what you can see. But this is more about what you hear. With how popular TikTok is, audio has started to play a bigger role in creative. A lot of people have an audio-first approach, making sure the ad works for all senses.

And this one does just that - Visually, it’s great. It calls out all the USPs a customer would want to know before buying a bikini. But the audio, that’s the magic. Listen to it. It’s subtle, but the sound effects of the beach and the waves send you right there. You can imagine yourself lying on a beach, letting the sun wash over you. That’s the magic of audio, and that's why you need to pay more attention to it in your ads.

Roys Digital Media

Lead gen is hard. Making creative for an agency is even harder. You have to think of ways to show what you do while capturing attention - This one I saw is such a clever idea, and I love it.

It's super simple and easy to make today, and it doesn’t need to be lead gen—it can work for DTC as well. This is the importance of doing something that no one else has done; you stand out without having to do much.

The only problem with this creative is the music—it’s copywritten. This is a big no-no for anyone running ads. You simply can not use music that you don’t have the right to in a video that aims to make you money. Even if it’s on TikTok, where you hear this music all the time - You run the risk of a lawsuit.

Negatives aside that’s your mission for this week. Go away and think of something like this to run on your account—something you can make in 5 minutes and that is a new idea you’ve not seen before.

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This Works

I spoke a few weeks ago on Twitter about testing out concepts with statics first to see if it’s worth investing and making them into a video. This is a great example of this. It's not that I know for sure that’s what they did. But you can see how that would work.

Test out a callout static with the top 5 reasons the product is perfect for you. If you get good results, you can turn it into a video. Happy days. Such an easy and effective way to test out ideas without investing the time it takes to make a video ad.

Another week done! Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you next week ✌️

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