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How to Interupt the Pattern

Can you stop the scroll?

This week on Nice Ads we have a number of fantastic ads to fill you with inspiration for the week ahead!

I’m Fraser and let’s get started.


One of the main reasons I picked this advert this week was for the hook. The pattern interrupt is 🔥. Nothing beats a colourful shocking first few seconds.

If you don’t know, pattern interrupt is the art of breaking a viewer’s habits with something that takes them by surprise. This normally takes the form of bold colours on a white feed or a quick shot in an otherwise slow video.

We can use pattern interrupt inside our ad creative to pull people away from the feed with our hook. In this example from Brevitē, they use both colour and shock. We don’t expect to suddenly see water being thrown at a bag. The splash disrupts the calm feed and we carry on watching the video.

The other major factor of this hook is the caption “This product went viral on TikTok”. I’ve been over why this works so well in another issue of Nice Ads. But I’ve seen it much more on Meta recently. Why? Because a lot of Facebook users aren’t on TikTok if you can believe it. But they know how popular TikTok is, and so mentioning a viral TikTok product is massive social proof for the product and people love to buy the most popular thing.

The ad visuals are actually relatively easy to make yourself - Use your iPhone to film the footage and then edit tricks like clip reverse to make the boomerang effect.

This ad has been running for over 50 days! So it must be working. Lots to learn from this.


I LOVE this story static from Fur - The design is super clean and social friendly all while having a very strong sense of product. It’s also very sales lead.

You might not know but our brains LOVE percentages. We find them much easier to understand at a glance. Especially in marketing. In fact, we see a higher value in a % discount than we do a straight dollar discount. What sounds more appealing for a $100 product - 90% OFF or $90 OFF?

Our minds are easily played.

And that’s why Fur has presented its research as percentages on the creative. We can easily understand the numbers while tapping past them on a story and the number looks stronger and holds more authority than saying 1 in 10 for example.

The only coloured text on the image is the numbers. This also directs the eye to the information we need to know - All of these factors add up to a very clean and effective image.

This ad has been running for a massive 100+ days!!

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Four Sigmatic

This image works for SO many reasons. Can you spot them before you read on?

Let’s see if you got the same as me. Colour: Look how eye-catching this entire creative is. This would definitely catch your eyes when scrolling. The cream background will separate the image from the plain black or white feed. The orange draws our eyes and makes us feel warm just like coffee. I love the pallet they’ve gone with😍

But along with that is the brilliant copy. A big bold headline asking a question that you want to answer and then two negative options and what’s sitting in the middle? The product. The graphic is set out like a Venn diagram. You have two options but a perfect middle.

This is so smart don’t you think? This is what happens when you put thought into your creative 🔥

That’s all for Nice Ads this week - Thanks for reading.

PS - Wonder how I quickly managed to find out how long an advert has been running? I used Foreplay’s new feature. You can save ads and see how long they’ve been active! How great is that? You can sign up here.

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