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How to Make Better Creative Today 🚀

We've got some great ad creative for you this week

Happy Monday! It's Fraser here ready for another weekly issue of Nice Ads. First up - we've just hit 2,000 subscribers 🎉 How amazing is that?! Thank you everyone for reading and subscribing. It's been great to get to know some of you via the welcome email recently. 

We have some exciting news at the end of today's issue that you can be part of, so be sure to read until the end. 

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First up, I just want to tell you about one of my new favourite newsletters. It's written by a friend of mine Eli Weiss. He leads CX and Retention at Jones Road Beauty and was formerly at OLIPOP and Simulate. His newsletter highlights the importance of putting the customer first and is a must-read! Sign up with one click here.

Anyway, let's break down some ads.



This advert from BlendJet is potentially one of my favourite creatives of the year. That's a bold statement I know.  

It's a perfect lesson on how to stop the scroll and grab the user's attention on a busy feed. You grab them by showing something truly outrageous but still based on your product. In the video, BlendJet blends 13 random foods, all while a lady whispers puns into a microphone. What more could you want? 😂

It might not seem as if this would be a good advert since it's not a usual direct response video, BUT it gets engagement and views. People will watch it, laugh at it and potential click then, but if not they'll get a retarget later down the line. Perfect. 

Advertising is constantly changing, so you must ensure you adapt to habits and how users use the platform. If you find people who want to watch content then make branded content like the above - use the data to direct you. 

Who Gives A Crap

Who Gives A Crap

The founder story. A SUPER powerful creative style that I don't see often enough. As you can see from the above sample, the founder of Who Gives A Crap is on camera telling his company story and why the brand exists. It sounds straightforward, right? Well its actually very hard to pull off successfully for a few reasons;

The first reason is, do people actually give a crap (pardon the pun). Well, you'd be shocked to know that many people do enjoy watching videos like this and do give a crap, especially when it's an everyday product like toilet paper. Most people buy whatever they can find on supermarket shelves or stick to one brand forever. So it takes a lot for a customer to switch. That's why a brand video like this can work so well - You are showing the potential customer that you are MORE than just a toilet paper brand. You have a face and stand for something. Separating yourselves from the giant companies that have been selling the same product for 50+ years. 

Use things like brand story and company ethics to your advantage when you are a small fish in a big pond, because you might not always have those opportunities.

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I'm always talking about how you should reuse and recycle your existing content where you can. The reason? BECAUSE ITS FREE! If you already own 1000s of images you should mix them up into an advert like the above from Cuts. 

It's so simple to create videos like the above and if you already have the ability in house, it won't take weeks to create and it's free. It couldn't be any better. But how do you make your existing content stand out and not look like a slideshow?

Well, you need an angle, and a reason for the video to be made. In this example from Cuts, the angle is clear. Show the range of clothing you can buy from one place. How do you put that into action? A carousel of clothing styles with images that we cycle through. Now you have a video that stands out from the feed, has a reason to exist and was made from content sitting on your google drive. 

Voila ✨

And that's all for this week's Nice Ads! Remember at the start when I said we have some exciting news? Here it comes;

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