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How to Make the Boring Products Exciting

Let's breakdown some ad creative this Monday.

Hello! It's Hannah, back with another round of ads that have caught my eye this week!

Winter content is in full swing, with our feeds filling up with Holiday adverts, reminding us we need to start our Christmas shopping (seriously, how is it two months away).

Here are three brands that I think have smashed it out of the park with their social ads - just the one Christmas-themed ad, so no need to sweat it yet!

Also, make sure you read to the end for a surprise.

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The Christmas Ads are here! And Away has shown us how to do festive content without it being TOO over the top!

This is a powerful creative for a number of reasons. The messaging in this advert is fantastic - but very subtle which is why I loved it! The ad acts as a metaphor for the upcoming season. How you may ask? Well, it ticks the boxes of the two main purchasing decisions made for this product.

Away is being very clever in this creative. They're misleading our expectations (I know, how have they managed that with a product as boring as luggage). As the advert starts, what appears to be a typical situation at an airport slowly pulls out to reveal an at-home setting. This, therefore, suggests that the product is the perfect gift for someone this Christmas, without any copy or messaging forcing this narrative instead.

So why would this perform so well on the feed? Not only is the message eye-catching, but Away have cleverly used cheap-looking Xmas decorations to really give their product a deluxe feel. The visualisation of the luxury product next to a bit of tinsel you would have seen in the 80's will stop the scroll. Even if the ad has consumers asking more questions, your job has been done.

Warby Parker

Stop motion does not get the credit it deserves. Many people don't realise this, but stop motion is pretty hard to create. On top of that, it's also difficult to get right. Warby Parker has set an example of how it should be done.

Simple ads like this are really effective, and we've seen first hand how stop-motion is amazing for stopping the scroll.

One point to make is the copy in the ad. This native style of text is used on Instagram and TikTok and so styling your copy in such a way makes the video feel much more familiar to the viewer. Helping them connect on a deeper level.

This ad will also work perfectly on the feed, as it highlights the products USP's, as viewers can clearly see just how it works in a satisfying loop. Think of it basically as a step-by-step of the product, but visually interesting to watch. With a product this effective, you don't need to rely heavily on huge production value.

Let the product speak for itself.

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You may believe that traditional ads like this one from Glossier are a thing of the past. Many brands struggle to get out of the mindset that productions made for the big screen work on every platform. They really don't. But with saying this, classic beauty ads can perform on social media IF the creative is bang on.

What Glossier have perfected is the middle ground between a beautiful looking ad while also showing the product in use. But not in a traditional sense - the look and feel of this ad is very Gen Z. The clean and aesthetic looking ad will catch the viewers attention purely because it is pleasing to the eye. Similar to how people say babies can't help but be mesmerised by a beautiful person, if your advert is visually stunning, that alone will lead to people consuming your advert.

Notice how the brand has also used the logo in the first couple of frames of the video? While we recommend you to swerve away from this in your creative, it can serve you well if your brand is successful. Brand recognition like the example shown is already doing its job by hitting its demographic. If you already know and love Glossier, you will be hooked from the get go.

Not only that, but an effective creative strategy that you rarely see in ads anymore has been used by Glossier. Notice how the advert follows a beat? Well, repetition can be extremely powerful if done correctly. Drilling the message can build brand familiarity, as the consumer will remember the brand along with the products it has to offer.

This is compelling to the viewer - but only in small doses just as this ad has shown. Pushed too hard and this causes fatigue. Don't irritate your potential customers and cause them to switch off.

That's all for this week's Nice Ads ๐Ÿ‘ Thanks as always for reading - Be sure to check out this week's recommendations below and I'll see you next week.

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