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How to Make Great TikTok Ads

Are TikTok Ads that simple to make? Let's find out.

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Let's talk TikTok videos. Every brand I talk to right now has the same question, "How do I make TikTok Ads?" Well, the simple answer is, "...to make TikToks." But it's a little more complicated than that. Since you want to sell, not just to get a view.

The formula for a good TikTok Ad is normally this:

Scroll stopping hook > Product demo/Product showcase > Social Proof > CTA

It's not much different from a normal advert. You just need to create it in a way that speaks to the average TikTok user. TikTok is the only platform where an advert can go viral if done correctly. Like this from Sugarbear:

The video has a great hook with an informative voice-over that calls out core USPs and product benefits. Plus it fits into the feed since it doesn't look like an advert (helped by the comment response graphic). It looks like something your friend could create, and that's the key to TikTok. Make ads that your friends could make. Relate to the user and turn them into a customer.

TikTok is a hard nut to crack, but when you do it can be incredible for brand awareness.


Once again I'm going to chat about great copy in your creative. Why? Because people need to know the value of it. You can have amazing images and stunning videos. But without copy that relates to people then you are a lost cause.

So let's talk about this static from kencko. Why have I highlighted it? Well, the core reason is the boxes of copy. Give them a read. They're funny! They know their customer and are calling them out directly in the creative and giving them a giggle at the same time.

People will scroll by, stop for the block colours, read the copy, see the image and if interested tap on the landing page. That's what we want.

The copy is clever, it's not taking itself too seriously and relating to the customer. Ads like this are also really easy to create in free software like Canva. Just grab a product image from google drive and away you go.

I think this is just really clever and caught my eye right away when I saw it. So I thought I'd share.

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Platforms are changing. Consumers' habits are moving and so you need to make changes to your ad creative accordingly. One of those changes is the way people are using Facebook.

One of the most powerful creative styles this year has been statics. Why? Because video viewing figures are down on Facebook. People are going to TikTok and Reels to watch content. But what if you still want to take advantage of the data video ads bring? Let me introduce to you the video GIF. These are super simple looping videos that are short enough to view in a single scroll like images but have the benefits of video ads.

We've seen a massive rise in the popularity of GIF ads in recent months and that's why I picked this advert from Bellroy. The video is a seamless loop showing off the product's core USP. So people looking for a product like this, will stop and watch for a second, and then tap if interested. This style of ad works so well on Facebook. It's the perfect middle ground between video and image ads.

You should definitely be testing this style.

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