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How to make Narrative Video Ads

Stop making ads people don't care about.

Happy Monday team Nice Ads! How are we doing? It’s time to sit down with a cuppa and breakdown some creative. Let’s do it.

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Rise Science

Nothing beats a relatable advert. The more relatable an advert is to your customer the higher the chance that they’ll convert into a customer.

That’s the one thing this video does really well, we all know a co-worker like they display in the hook. Always tired, always chill but somehow always manages to do the best work in the office. And that’s what they want! They want you to watch the creative and go “OH YEAH HOW DO THEY DO THAT?!”.

Watch the advert in full and you’ll get what I mean, you want to find out the solution because you relate to the advert and know someone just like the person they talk about.

When you’re making narrative ad creative like this it’s SO important that you relate to your customer. Otherwise, why would they watch it? It’s not a movie where you have time to learn and invest in characters. You have seconds to grab them.

This video does a great job of all the above, so give it a watch and see what you cant learn.

Daily Rituals

UGC can be used in more ways than just video. UGC images are great to pair with your website reviews like the above sample. It gives the viewer a little more social proof than just the review on its own.

We’ve seen great results with ads like this for health and wellness clients with an older demo - Brilliant CTR! Really simple to create and can turn into fantastic evergreen ads for your account.

Statics like this are the foundations of a brand - You can create them in bulk and make easy variations for each one.

In fact, statics like this are even easier to make when you use Creative OS. The static templates I created in partnership with some great minds in DTC. Check it out and get 10% off with code NICEADS at check out 👀

Black Wolf Nation

This video is amazing. I came across it at the weekend on Twitter. I watched the entire thing and laughed my head off. So first off - Go do that for yourself.

The founder made a tweet giving us some insights into the history of the creative along with some results

$5-7M in sales THIS YEAR. Let’s take a moment… How crazy is that? From one creative. Proof that all you need is one good advert to turn around your business.

So why does this advert work?

Well, we all have dirty minds. As soon as you see a vibrating shower product everyone’s mind goes to the gutter. So why not make a video about that and beat people to the punch line?

When you make a video like this people remember it - So when they see it again or another advert from you the chances of them converting are even higher. Same reason why when we hear the McDolands jingle we know right away who it’s for and suddenly want a burger.

Methods like this are so important in advertising. Don’t underestimate them!

Hope you enjoyed this week’s Nice Ads! Remember if you want to make static ads at speed - Check out my templates at Creative OS. It helps support Nice Ads and will keep this newsletter ad-free from now forward.

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