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How to Make Organic Looking UGC

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Good morning Nice Ads team! First up, it’s a big milestone for us today - Because we just hit 10,000 members! If you’ve been here since the start or this is your first week. Thank you for being a part of this.

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Most of the UGC you see is fake. Sorry to tell you. That’s not a bad thing though. That’s how we ensure they convert and make brands money. Sometimes though, you find a UGC that feels so real it can’t be fake. Like this one.

Watch it in full and you’ll see how real it feels. It’s like this girl has just switched on her camera, spoken about how much she loves the mask and sent it to the brand. And it could well be just that, but it also could be a really good actor and a great script.

Either way, there’s a lot to learn in a video like this that you can replicate to get a similar vibe.

The first is the audio, notice how it’s echoey it is? It’s like a video you’d sent to your friend. No external mic or effects were put on to make it clearer, just right from the phone. Genius. Along with this, the editing also reflects that Lofi organic style - Super simple. No fancy transitions or music, just subtitles and some before and after overlays. Something anyone could do.

So no matter who made this, whether it’s real or fake. You can learn a lot here if you want to replicate something similar. Keep it simple and don’t go overboard.

Boys Get Sad Too

The team at BGST are a great lot and they have brilliant products - But it’s this advert that grabbed me when I saw it this week.

It’s often very hard to advertise clothing using performance marketing techniques. But BGST has found a way just by thinking outside the box a little.

This ‘us vs them’ creative is a great example of that. Their hoodies start from around £42 so a lot of people before buying one might think ‘Maybe I should just grab a cheap one from Asos’. And this creative was made for those people. They are facing the objection head-on, listing all the reasons their hoodies are better and why you need to choose them over anyone else. Helping convert those last few customers.

Ads like this aren’t hard to create. In fact in this week’s Nice Ads premium you’ll find a very similar template 🤫. But no matter if you use the template or not, it’s creative like this that can be used to get a leg up in a competitive niche like clothing. Do your research to why people will buy from you over others and what they hate about those competitors and then write that into the creative. Simple.

One Wheel

Not sure if you’ve heard of One Wheel, but they are the coolest way to get around. But definitely something I would break my back on. Nevertheless, I’ve been seeing a lot of ads for them and this one is the best.

The video is perfect for the demographic of people who buy this product. They appreciate a nicely shot video that feels like something a tech YouTuber would create - The way you film content plays a massive part in how it connects to the customer. A lofi UGC video like the first example in today’s issue would not work for this. It’d feel cheap and untrustworthy. But this feels perfect.

Away from the production value, the actual concept is great - Documenting the first week of owning the product. Showing a potential customer what they’ll be expecting if they buy one today. Allowing them a taste, before they buy. Selling the lifestyle along with the product, that’s a big must for big-ticket items like this.

Collectively this is a brilliant video, the edit is seamless. The filming style literally lets someone experience a week in a customer’s shoes. It’s different - it stands out. It’s a 10/10.

That’s all for this week’s Nice Ads - Hopefully, you found this useful and you learnt something you can use during this coming week.

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