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Make Statics into Videos & Some Exciting News!

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Welcome to a very special Nice Ads. Why’s it special? Because we’re launching two new things… First up is our new look and logo. What do you think?

The second is the big one. Introducing Nice Ads Premium.

Our new pay monthly version Nice Ads gives you two main things:

  • 3 ad creative templates you can edit within Canva per week

  • Access to an exclusive telegram community with myself.

You get all that for one fee each month. But if you don’t want that you can stick with our free version and get your weekly ad breakdowns as normal.

However, if you choose to go premium then inside your Monday breakdowns you’ll also receive the templates. Easy!

So if you fancy upgrading your current subscription then just click here and get a 2-day free trial or you’ll be able to sign up normally at the paywall further down the page. I’m so excited to be bringing you this next step in the Nice Ads journey.

So let’s get things started, shall we?


We’ve all probably seen this creative as static, but this is the first time I’ve seen it animated as a video - So why does this work?

Well often videos see a much cheaper CPM compared to statics, so a great way to take advantage of this is to turn your best-performing static into a short video. That way you can test new ideas with quick and easy to create images and then once you’ve proven the concept, spend some more time animating it into a video and happy days.

This is the secret hack that a lot of the biggest brands do to increase the volume of ads they test - In fact, at Fraggell we often look at past winners a client has had in the static style and then see what we can learn from that and roll it out inside videos - I tweeted about this the other day

It doesn’t matter what format a creative is, the learnings you gather from them can be used across your entire business.


People buy products to solve real problems. That’s why you should be showing your product solving that problem within your ad creative.

Take this video from SheCurve - What’s the main problem women have with strapless bras? They fall down.

So within their mashup video, they do this massive stress test. A creator jumping up and down without the bra ever moving. The perfect test to prove how well their product solves a real problem.

It shocks me how many ads I see on the feed that are claiming to fix something and yet never once show the product doing that thing. Selling a phone case that you claim to be indestructible? Then film yourself hitting it with a hammer. Customers will see this and be sold instantly. If you aren’t showing proof then your customer won’t trust you and won’t buy, it’s that simple.

Problem/solution is the best ad format for a reason.


Getting people to click your ads is one of the hardest tasks to do - But the most important. So how do you do it?

Well simply put, give them a reason to click.

If you don’t direct your customer to do something within your creative then you have wasted a chance to win a customer.

Manual has done this well, they’ve called out a problem that the scroller could be having “Not feeling yourself?” and then giving a solution “It could be low Testosterone” and right below that, they’ve got a button saying “Take action”. It’s all very simple, but when put together you can see how this would cause someone to click away from the platform to their website.

And once they’re on the landing page they are further sold the product with lots of educational writing and even a quiz to check your symptoms. It’s the perfect soft sell!

Ads like this print for this type of brand, because once they have you in for 1 thing they can upsell all the other services like ED and hair loss meds.

Tell the scroller what to do! Don’t just expect them to figure it out themselves.

That’s all for the free version of Nice Ads this week - If you want to receive 3 free canva ad creative templates be sure to upgrade!

But until next week I’ll see you soon ✌️

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