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Making Endless Creative Using Reviews

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It’s Monday, welcome back to Nice Ads! This week we have a review special, every ad creative I picked includes product reviews in some way - Meaning you can recreate them super easy!

If you’re new here, I break down 3 ads each week to help you make better ads.

So let’s get started!

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I’ve never seen a creative like this before and I LOVE this idea - Watch it in full here and then come back.

How great was that?! A voice memo used inside an ad creative! They’ve created an advert super easy without hiring on-camera talent. They’ve just used what they already have and paired it with a simple visual. Such a great idea.

But how can you make something like this for yourself? Well, you have two options - Reach out to your customers and get them to record a short voice memo reviewing your product. OR pick out a written review and get your staff or AI to read it aloud. The latter is by far the easiest option and allows for loads of variations - I’d do it that way.

After that, design some nice graphics and run that baby! But why will it work? Well for a start, no one is doing this. So it’ll stand out. The entire advert is based on your reviews so it’ll relate and connect with your customer - So it ticks all the boxes.

You got to try this creative this week.


Next up in our review special - A static you can also make today! The iMessage.

What’s more personal than reading someone else’s messages? Not much. So when you see this ad creative on a busy feed, you stop and look. And if you’re already thinking of buying from Blissy, this advert does its job and pushes you for the sale. Why? Well because if someone’s Mom is texting about it, then it must be good!

That’s how your customers will think when they see this - We all know why it would work. But how can you make it using reviews?

Find a review, rephrase it to sound like a text message and then get someone to text it to you. Change the name and print screen. Happy days. Done in under 30 minutes.

There is an argument that advert might work better without the Blissy product image behind it. And to some extent, I do agree. But if this advert was to sit in MOF/BOF then this background image might help. It helps attract the right people to the advert. Helping that visual retargeting.

Either way, you do it - This advert is a must-test! But please don’t use the phrase “Game-changer”.

Bloom Nutrition

Finishing this week’s newsletter with my favourite advert. I saw this one while scrolling around and damn it is a great idea. Give it a watch in full here before we move on.

This short video from Bloom is simply the founder reading out 5-star Amazon reviews to the camera in a podcast format. Super easy to create, but so powerful.

Once again - More simpler to create than you might think. Grab a camera, grab your founder, give them a list of reviews and record. See?! Simple. Record for as long as you want and then cut the best together. Think of all the variations 🤤 You could have creative for DAYS!

I did some research and it seems like Mari the founder hosts a podcast already, so chances are they already had this set up ready to go - Making it an even easier creative to make. Great work Bloom!

I do think this could be improved with a little CTA at the end to push customers somewhere and tell them what to do. But I do believe this would work without it.

Another one you could make this week.

That’s your lot for this week - Hopefully, you’ve learnt something useful you can take forward and activate in the coming days.

Go follow me on Twitter for more and I’ll see you soon ✌️

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