May Monthly Roundup

Happy June everyone (Can you believe it’s June by the way). It’s time for another Fraggell Roundup - A selection of some of the creative we’ve made in the month of May.

If you don’t know, I run a performance creative agency called Fraggell. We help DTC brands scale with performance ad creative.

So let’s get started.


We’ve just recently started our journey with MaxiNutrition, creating both UGC and GIF ads.

It’s something we’ve mentioned previously, but a clean, aesthetically pleasing GIF will more than likely be a guaranteed winner. We created a couple of GIFs just like this for MaxiNutrition, focusing on the different flavours of MaxWhey they offer while showing off core USPs. So simple, yet so effective.

From looking at their past creative we found past GIFs had performed well, so with a little sprinkling of Fraggell we made them even better.


HarlanMD has been one of our longest clients, creating 100s of videos for the skincare brand.

Each month, we focus on a number of angles highlighting the life-changing impact the product has had on so many customers. We’ve found the perfect formula for this brand over time and now every creative we make is a winner 💪

For HarlanMD, we’ve found that before and afters are incredibly impactful. And in this case, including this kind of imagery in the first few seconds as the scroll stopper shows amazing results - Simple imagery that is right to the point.

With this video, we changed up the traditional layout of a UGC video, made it a little more graphic focused with a creator chatting while before and afters appear on the screen. Pretty simple, but it’s always a winner. HarlanMD have seen unreal results since starting working with us and each month the results get better.


Sofatutor has been on board with us for a few months, creating UGC ads for both a US and UK audience.

It can be a challenge to create UGC ads that include young children (footage can be very unpredictable) but we’ve found with our vast network of creators it’s not been a problem.

Our first month of working together gave us some core learnings that we were able to roll out to make better creative going forward. Digital products are really fun to work with and allow us fast turnaround times and more creativity.

They’ve also seen fantastic results from our video’s - Great CTR & a solid CPM.

That’s your lot for this month’s round-up. Remember if you're looking for some help with performance ad creative and you're currently spending over 40k on ads you can book a call with me here and we’d love to help you lower those CPAs.

Don’t worry your usual Nice Ads will be back on Monday ✌️

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