Are Micro Ads The Future?

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Hello! Long time no speak - It’s Hannah again! I’m back to show you my 3 picks from this week. You can take some great inspiration from these ads. Let’s crack on.

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It’s the little details that can sometimes make your ad pop. Zooki is a fab example of how the intentional little added touches make for a stand-out ad.

It’s clear to see that Zooki’s branding follows a colour palette. But what’s really smart is how they’ve created this ad, matching the models nails to the branding colours. While this is a detail that would be missed by most brands, the crispness of this ad would draw the attention of any scroller.

This also links to colour theory would you believe. You might not know this, but the colour red is linked to action. So it makes perfect sense to include additional hints of red (the 💅🏼, for example) to push that emotion. Action = purchasing. It all ties together amazingly.

The copy is also an integral part of this ad, making it a winner. The use of statistics will always stop the scroll. If 100,000 customers love the brand, then this will reside in a potential consumer’s mind as it will pique their interest. The Claim Offer button also adds an incentive. Giving people a reason to love your product, while also letting them know that so many others do is going to be very powerful. As a brand, you can increase your click-through rate with these simple yet effective steps.


It’s easy to over-complicate your ads. As a brand, you probably panic, thinking the consumer needs to know anything and everything about what you have to offer. This is your sign to not worry about this! Realistically, it doesn’t take much for a person to click through to your website - you just have to ensure what you include helps the customer connect with the product in some way.

Simplicity goes a looooooong way. And this static ad from Summersalt has highlighted this. Little copy with the product showcased in the middle. Done. Finito. Bon Appetite 🤌🏼

So why would this work? Well, if you are scrolling through your feed, this would stand out from a mile-off. The choice of having no background means it blends perfectly (feeling native and not too sell-y on the feed) while also being incredibly eye-catching as the product can’t be missed.

And let’s not forget that claim. ‘1 sold every minute’ highlighted at the top of the static ad hooks you instantly. Because in the potential consumer’s mind, they think to themself ‘well it must be amazing if so many have been purchased’. Adding the shock factor will stop the scroll and have people running to your website to see why your brand is so popular. A winning creative - and it’s being added straight to my basket ready for summer!

aden + anais

What’s the one thing every brand has to fight for in the advertising world? Time. All you have is a few seconds maximum to capture the attention of the viewer. That’s why it is imperative to have a hook. This 7-second ad from Aden + Anais proves why.

The feed is a battlefield, and you need to fight your way through the noise to be seen. Memes, ads, your neighbour’s relationship status - we are bombarded with information daily. So, being concise with your content is something all brands need to focus on (because none of us want to be bored).

This UGC-style creative has managed to include all the details in a short amount of time. Keeping it snappy will keep the watcher until the end - well, that’s if you are lucky.

The first 3 seconds are vital. If you can communicate what you offer in that time, then the viewer will stick around. From an audience’s perspective, they won’t know who you are, meaning the interest in your product is at 0. Your video ad should capture attention in an instant and I think this video proves that it can be done without a ton of copy or time.

This podcast explains it perfectly. Platforms such as Meta are LOVING sub-10-second adverts. As most people will only watch the hook of your ad, wouldn’t it make sense to make the hook the entire ad? It keeps the focus and ensures results, a win-win.

And let’s not forget a very cute baby locks in your attention.

More brands should look at creating UGC videos like this - chuck your USP’s together with snappy footage and see what you can create!

And that’s it for this week’s Nice ads! Thanks so much for giving it a read; we’ll be back next week with another three adverts; see you then 👋🏼

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