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New Creative Trend Alert - Duel UGC

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It’s that time again, Nice Ads time.

Let’s break down 3 great ads and start your week on the right foot.

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Dot & Key

I’ve been seeing this format a lot recently so wanted to give it some love on Nice Ads.

The idea is to present the user with someone they are familiar with (Google) but then use it as a way to introduce your product to a new set of people.

This works on a few levels, the first one is you take advantage of the recognition of Google search to stop the scroll. But also you link your product with the search term you choose to add. It’s pretty clever, to be honest.

If you pick your copy well like this example, you can use that as a great way to target your creative. People will read the search and if they do suffer from winter dryness, then they’ll become interested in the creative.

A nice and simple way to get the right eyes on your ads without being too obnoxious - Want to know the best part? We just added this as a template inside Creative OS. So if you sign up now you can have this advert live in the next hour. How about that for speed?


I want you to take this advert as a sign to try out duel creator videos. If the catchy name I just came up with doesn’t give you enough information, what I mean is a UGC video that includes two creators. Smart right?

I’ve not seen many of these and I want to see more - Using the chemistry of two people to help sell your product. I think the reason it works is because you hardly see it - usually, it’s one creator and the product. But adding in a second makes the video feel more believable even though it’s also more like an advert. What do you think?

While one is talking about the product the other is using it, it’s a live split screen! Just a really great way to get your message across.

For this to work though I think you need two people with great back and forth who know how to present with another person. Often this can go so very wrong - Bare that in mind if you’re going to try this.

I think this could be a trend we see more in 2024.


Let’s chat about lighting in your UGC videos. It’s the hidden way to make anything look good and yet so few people actually know how to do it properly.

In the example above the creator has taken advantage of natural sunlight to get that amazing look. But she’s also done something else to elevate the lighting whether she knows it or not.

She’s used shadows! So often I see videos where the creator has just slapped a ring light in front of the product and called it a day. It looks cheap. But as soon as you include something to help shape the light, like blinds on your window, the light looks a million times better.

You can do this like the creator has and just got lucky with the light and used it to her advantage. Or you can fake it - Using a big strong hard light source and then putting something in front of it, like a fake leaf can make a stunning shadow. In the business, we call things that block light like this a Gobo (google it). Small touches like this can make a pretty standard UGC video suddenly a dream to watch.

And just like that we’re done for this week - Thanks as always for reading. If you liked it and fancy telling your friends about it you can use your personal referral link to send them our way https://www.niceads.uk/subscribe?ref=PLACEHOLDER

I’ll see you next week ✌️

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