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This is my new favourite static ad

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Welcome back to Nice Ads. This week we’ve got one of my favourite static ads in a while - Plus a video advert made by yours truly. Let’s get rolling.

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The simple ads are the best, and this one from Dermalogica is proof. The bright product image drags you in from the feed, you read the copy and then notice the changing type at the bottom and it holds you. Perfect. What more do you want?

Elevating static ads like this is a great way to diversify your ad account when it is heavy on image ads. It’s a video, Meta treats it like one, but it’s just a glorified image advert. I see a lot of brands doing this more and more as we move into the big spending season.

It’s also a great way to get some more life out of those winning statics, add some animation to them and happy days, you’ve got some new creative. I think one of the main reasons this advert works is the design, because as important as ‘ugly ads’ are to help relate to your customer. You can’t deny how much work a well-designed and branded creative can do.

Naked Skin

Now, my favourite static advert in the past few months. I actually already broke it down on X the other week. But I just think it’s so smart. They’re using the Girl Math trend to make their product seem more affordable and capture attention. So smart.

For me it’s just a smart and winning format for that customer - If you want to use trends in your ad creative you should. But be smart with what trends you use - Nothing is more of a turn-off than a brand using a 4-month-old trend to advertise their product. Be relevant and don’t force the connection. That’s why this girl math trend works so well for ad creative because you are basically using it to sell the product. I love it.

Dude Pruner

This video creative from Dude Pruner was made by yours truly and the team at Fraggell. We’ve been working with the guys at DP for a few months now to help them step up the ad creative game and I wanted to share this example with you and give you a look behind the scenes.

We shot this in a few hours in our studio here in sunny Manchester, UK and the idea was to educate potential customers on a new way to remove hair that doesn’t cost you the earth. To do this we went down the spokesperson/expert route. Showing examples of hairless hunky celebs to help stop the scroll.

Creative like this can work so well for your TOF. Helping new people discover the brand for the first time and being educated on the problem the product solves. This creative is proof not every advert needs to be UGC - Pick the format that works best for the concept!

That’s your lot for this week’s Nice Ads. If you enjoyed it why not forward it to a friend and share the love?

P.S. I started making YouTube videos again and this week is all about UGC. I share my top tips on how you can make better UGC videos. Watch it here.

I’ll see you soon ✌️

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