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How Not To Overthink Your Creative 🧠

3 ad creatives you can use for inspiration this week!

Happy BFCM week!! This is it, everyone, the busiest week in ecom.

So let's take some time to chill before the madness and read Nice Ads. Sound good?

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Static ads can be so powerful when done correctly. A mix of great imagery and copy can become a conversion machine.

That's why I wanted to cover this static from Ekster this week. It's so simple but really hits the USPs hard. We can all relate to a horrible big chunky wallet, no matter if it's our own or a partner's. So at first glance, we relate to the creative. We understand the problem that they are trying to solve.

Ekster then presents the fix. But not entirely. Some mystery is left, because if you gave away the entire product then people wouldn't click. By leaving questions you are enticing the audience to then click on the website and find out more.

It's a simple play but you can see how ads like this can perform really well for brands with clear USPs. Also, this style of static is super easy to create, you would be able to make this on Canva in an hour, if that. So go give it a try!



While we're on the topic of simple and easy-to-make ad creative let's chat about slideshow reviews. I love this style of ad creative. It can be so powerful when retargeting and showing social proof.

Lets break it down and how you can do it for yourself.

The first thing is the images, pick images that display your product in the best light. If its clothing, show the product on models. If it's a toothbrush show the brush cleaning bright white teeth. The images are there to support the reviews so make sure they aren't too distracting.

After that, pick some reviews, and overlay those onto the images. Simple.

I always say that simple creative is the best creative and this is 100% the case here. Reviews are often overlooked outside of the product page, but reviews can really help make a viewer a customer.

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Few reasons I picked this creative today. The first one is... LOOK HOW CUTE THAT CAT IS. The second is the way they are demonstrating the product and how it works. This can be hard for a service-based business or Print-on-demand like PupSocks.

A lot of people's reservations about this product will be time and skill, "How long does this take?" "Do I have to edit the photo?". So showing the process in a visual way allows the customer to fully understand how the service works. You take a photo of your pet. They cut out the face and place it on socks.

Again, look how simple this advert is. They let the product do the talking. Because after lots of testing, they've found the perfect product market fit.

That's all for this weeks Nice Ads, thanks for reading and I'll see you again next week 👋

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