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Is this one of the best ad formats? 👀

Let's discover some new ad creatives you can try today

It's 13 days until Christmas but the ad creative never stops. Hopefully, you've done most of your Christmas shopping and now you can sit back and read up on some ways to make your ads stand out next year!

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Let's talk listicle creative. It's become increasingly popular over the past few months and is killing it for our clients and other brands I see online.

At its core, this creative style is just about listing reasons for something. Whether that be reasons to buy your product, like the example from hint, or it could be something more beneficial and educational driven like "5 reasons you have poor mouth health". The reason these creatives work is the exact reason why YouTube channels like 'WatchMojo' are so popular. We enjoy consuming things in lists, it helps our brain rank the importance and understand the information faster.

I think static images like the above work well for listicle content, since you are presented with all the information at once and can consume it in any order without any delay. In fact, why not think about using this creative style for the holiday season? 'Why (Your Product) Makes the Perfect Christmas Gift". You can have that idea for free 😉



When I saw this ad creative, my first reaction was shock and then amazement at how they got this passed. But credit where credit is due, this hook is unreal. It grabs you right away and if you're a lady with terrible cramps, you'll also definitely relate to it as well.

But I don't only want to talk about the hook, since this video in its entirety is very clever and a brilliant example of how fast pace editing can affect performance. So before we carry on, please watch the video in full here.

The editing of the video is super fast, meaning the viewer is never left to become bored. The video cuts between the lady talking and then on-the-street-style reactions of women using the product (Genius). We get social proof along with a product demo all in one video. But we can't not mention the presenter of the video - she's talking super fast to keep the viewer engaged while being super animated with her hands and face. If you have someone on camera in your creatives, it's so vital that they are full of energy and look like they're enjoying themselves!

I think you can learn heaps from this video so be sure to give it a few watches and make note of how you can replicate it for your store.

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Magic Spoon

Magic Spoon

Let's chat GIFs. One of my favorite ad styles right now and for good reason. The way we consume content on each social platform has changed massively in the past 18 months. Facebook used to be one of the number one places to watch videos along with Instagram, but since the rise of TikTok, the tides have changed. We're now consuming more videos on TikTok and more images on Facebook. But how do you create well-performing static ads while still getting the data that video ads are great for... Introducing the GIF.

Short videos that are heavily graphics-based pull out the scroller for the screen with eye-catching and dynamic visuals while still giving you the video data benefits. It's a great mix and they are performing really well.

Of course, this doesn't mean video ads are dead on Meta by any stretch, but habits change and this is one of the ways content is being consumed, so as marketers we need to utilise that to convert more customers. The best part is that GIFs are very easy to create especially if you already have well-performing static ads, you just animate them a little and make it a video 👏 So if you've not already, go and test these this week!

That's all for this week's Nice Ads! Thanks for reading - As always you can follow me on Twitter here for daily tips and tricks on how you can make better creative. But I'll see you next week 👋

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