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One Simple Trick for Better Video Ads

It's Cyber Monday so let's break down some ad creative 🚀

Happy Cyber Monday!!! The Black Friday madness may have died down but now we have another day of sales. I hope you had a successful one and that ad creative did its magic.

Let's get started, shall we?



The world cup is officially here and with it has come a slew of interesting topical ad creatives like this one from Manscaped. I think this is the best football-themed creative I've seen so far this year and I'd have been disappointed if Manscaped failed to make a joke about balls and football. But they did and it's made for a great static advert.

We go from a patchy football to a nice clean ball. A great way to show what the product does in a topical and entertaining way 😂 This is a great example of a marketing team knowing the target demographic and making an ad creative that speaks to them.

Another reason a creative like this would do so well is the branding. If you know who Manscaped are and you saw this advert without their name or logo I don't think it would take you long to figure out who the ad was for and that's what makes something on brand. The language the imagery the graphic style, all these go into giving your brand a personality that stands on its own. You should be putting this in place from the very start of your brand journey.

Life's Butter

Life's Butter

I picked this video from Life's Butter for one reason. The lighting. Let's talk about how lighting can dramatically affect your video ad for the better.

I'm sure you've all heard about the golden hour. It's basically the final hour before sunset - The sun is low, bright, and orange meaning you get lovely long shadows and a stunning orange hue. You get this dreamy movie vibe and it's perfect for anything beauty or lifestyle related.

The video above was shot during golden hour and that's why it's so beautiful. You get the beautiful window shadow in the background along with that orange highlight kicking on the product 🔥 Imagine if the above was just shot during the day. On a boring white wall? You'd lose the view almost right away.

That's why lighting can be so powerful because that alone can keep a viewer watching or stopping on the feed. However, lighting can be expensive. For example, at Fraggell we can replicate the golden hour look anytime we want (by using around £5,000 worth of lighting gear 😂) BUT don't be dishearted because the real golden hour is free, in fact, there are some apps on the app store that notify you when golden hour is starting! So go grab your camera, and shoot some sexy-looking video.

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I talk about USPs a lot here on Nice Ads but for good reason. Because your USPs are the reason people buy your product over something that's similar or even cheaper. That's why it's so important to shout about them and show them off in your ad creative.

This creative from Fabletics does 2 core things. The first is obvious, it informs the customer about a BFCM sale. We can clearly see that from the copy. But the other is subtle but effective. It highlights Fabletics' core product USPs. The phone pouch, the cut, and the fact your bum will look 10/10.

They know their customer, they know the reason why people buy the product and they know the problems they have with competitors. Once they are hooked and see Fabletics as the solution then they've won the customer.

If you've not already, make a list of all the reasons someone would buy from you over a similar brand and then make ad creative based on those reasons. It's a quick and easy way to generate endless concepts.

That's all for Nice Ads this week! Thanks for reading as always. If you have any questions for me feel free to shoot me a message on Twitter. It's always great to hear from you.

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