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Original ideas are the key to converting ads!

Be the first to do something and you'll always win.

Welcome back to Nice Ads! If you’re new here - each week I break down 3 ad creatives to help you grow as a creator or brand owner.

Today is no different. I’ve picked 3 brilliant ads for your viewing pleasure. So let’s get started.

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This week when scrolling through Twitter I saw the creator of MuddyBites Jarod Steffes post this ad creative made by his team and I just HAD to include it in this week’s newsletter. Because what an incredibly creative idea. Let’s break this down and go into WHY I think it would perform so well on paid and organic social;

The first is virality, the image is funny. It’s entertaining, people see it and want to share it because of how it makes them feel. This is a vital part of anything that goes viral. Making people feel. The image is relatable, we all know how annoying these robot tests and so linking it to your brand is a great way to get engagement.

However one of the core reasons I think this makes a great creative is how seamlessly the product is woven into the ad creative - It informs us all about the product, while still being entertaining. You leave the image knowing what MuddyBites are and that they claim to be ‘Superiorly Delicious’ Sounds good to me 🤤

Original ideas like this don’t stay original for long, someone steals the idea and before you know it everyone is running creative like this. But it’s the people who are first that are remembered! So get on there and think up something creative.


This won’t be new to you if you’ve been reading Nice Ads for a while but I love video ads that are high-production but use camera and editing techniques to make them performance-focused. This is one of those ads and I love it.

To get the full effect be sure to watch the video in full, but I wanted to break down the first few frames. Each image we see is related to the copy on the screen, this really helps the customer understand the product. In fact, sometimes that’s how we create our videos, write the copy and then think up the image to go along with that. It’s a really efficient way to make ad creative.

One thing to keep in mind when creating content like this is always moving, with lots of camera movement to help the customer stay engaged.

High-production creative still works on social - you just need to be smart and make sure it’s conversion focused. Don’t just make a pretty video. Make a paid advert.

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COLOUR! One of the most overlooked parts of creative. If you saw this creative on your feed, would you stop? Yes. You should. Not only because the drink looks amazing but the colour stops you in your tracks.

My good friend Sarah Levinger wrote a great thread on Twitter the other day about the psychology of design - Give it a read here;

In here she talks about how 85% of customers will buy something because of colour! How crazy is that 🤯 But along with these findings another study found that the colour red in the background of an advert saw a 31% higher conversion rate across all verticals. Now can you see why this OLIPOP advert being red is a good idea?!

Picking your colour does more than just match your branding guidelines. It makes people feel a certain way when inside your ad creative.

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That’s it for this week's Nice Ads, thanks for reading! I’ll see you next week - Be sure to follow me on Twitter for daily tips and tricks on how to make better ad creative.

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