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The Perfect Creative for Retail Brands

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Happy Monday! Welcome back to Nice Ads, this week I’ll be breaking down 2 video ads and a really cool static ad that’s perfect for those of you who are lucky enough to stock your product in a store!

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Now, let’s get on with it, shall we?


I saw this ad from paint brand LICK last week and it caught my eye, so I did some searching and saw that it was part of a few ads that all had a similar story. A creator takes you around they’re home and spotlights a colour of paint they’ve used. It's a really great idea - But does it work?

Well, this version of the advert I think is the best. Some of the others feel very fake - So watch this one in full and make your own mind up.

But if we break down the advert what do we learn? Well It feels personal, it gives us that MTV Cribs vibe that everyone loves. Like you’re peaking inside someone’s home. So they’ve taken that idea and used it to show off different ways you can use their paint to decorate your home. It gives people ideas and maybe a new use for the product. Ads like this that feel more like content are a great way to market your brand in paid media, because watch times will be high - Giving you a brilliant base of warm potential customers entering the funnel.

However, I think it falls a little with the choice of creators - They are all perfect. Almost too perfect. LICK is a pretty expensive paint brand and so they are trying to market to a higher-income demographic, but all the people they have chosen to be in the videos feel very robotic and not the best on camera. Meaning the videos just feel even faker than they probably are. Your choice of creator or actor can make or break an ad creative - So be careful!


First off, I want to address the fact that this product is the fanciest way I’ve ever seen strawberries packaged and by the looks of it, they’re going to cost about $100 per box. But forget that for a second and let’s talk about this advert.

It’s so simple. It’s just the product being held up in front of the store that stocks it, along with a caption telling people where they can go to grab a box. It looks like it’s been made in about 2 minutes on Instagram stories - But that’s the beauty of it. Picture seeing this on your story feed at lunch in New York, you are going to check them out if you happen to be close by - because it feels like one of your mates just posted it.

This is the power of creative that is made for a purpose. No one would take action on this if it was this 30-second long high production slow-mo video of the product that ended with “Buy in Whole Foods”. But people will take action on this. Because it speaks to them.

If you’re in retail then you need to run ads like this. Geo-fence them around the location and see how they work. Because honestly, I think you will see a bump in sales for sure.

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When you look for inspiration for your ads do you only look at one style? Well, you shouldn't, and here’s why.

This hook above is super popular as a static ad, but as you can see - It’s now being used as a hook for a video ad. They’ve just replaced what would normally be an image with a video. Clever right? We did the same thing at Fraggell a while back for a skincare client and it worked well for them with a solid hook rate of around 36%.

The thing I want you to take away from this is that when you see a static perform well on your account, or you see one all over your feed - Think about how you could maybe use it as a hook for a video advert.

Statics are made to capture attention in one frame, a hook is just the same thing - But longer. That’s what separates a good creative strategy from a great one. The ability to think outside of what everyone else is doing. We do this a lot at Fraggell, we did it with the sticky-note idea, and it worked as a static… So we did it as a video hook. Easy.

And that’s all for Nice Ads this week - Thanks for reading and giving me some of your time. I’ll see you in the next one!

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