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The Perfect Formula For Ad Creative

How to use visual demonstrations inside your ad creative

Welcome back to Nice Ads!

It’s Monday and time for some creative strategy. I’ve grabbed 3 ads that I love, so let’s break them down and see what we can learn.

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Copy and langue are the most powerful tools we have as creatives. This static from Pact is a great example of how you can use those two tools to spice up a simple image advert.

We’re given 3 reasons why you should pick yoga pants from Pact - Simple concept. But to spice things up a little and make it more fun they’ve used the peach emoji 🍑 as one of the reasons. Because let’s be honest, we all know what it means.

They could have simply said “Perfect bum (Tick)” but instead they’ve made it more socially friendly, leaving you to do a little work to put the pieces together.

Copy like this separates you from others in the space - You are remembered by the customer. It’s an easy change to make, but speaking in the langue of your customer is a surefire way to win them over.

Mott & Bow

Visual demonstrations are the best way to show the customer your product. As the saying goes a picture paints a thousand words.

If you have a product like Mott & Bow that needs to be shown rather than spoken about, then hooks like this and product demo videos should be in your account. Because what gets your point across faster? A UGC talking head about how stretchy and comfortable these pants are, or a clear demonstration as we see in the video example. It’s a no-brainer 🤷‍♂️

This to me is the traditional Facebook winner - Demo the product, pair it with use case footage and captions calling out USPs. It worked 5 years ago and it still works today. Often the old tricks are the best.

Customers want to see what the product can do for them and the problem it solves, structuring your video around problem solutions AND including plenty of visual demonstrations is a fire mix.

Static of The Week

This week's static of the week was created by Selina Eshraghi over on Twitter. In her words “It's been absolutely crushing!”.

But the best part of this callout creative is that it would have been made in a matter of minutes with Creative OS. Over 150 templates ready to edit and launch - You can’t get that anywhere else.

You can start making ads like this for only $99 (Or cheaper if you use discount code NICEADS at checkout)

Side note - Something big is coming to Creative OS…

bamboo ave.

How much social proof do you have in your ad account right now? Not enough is the answer. That’s why you should have a video like this running by the end of today.

Simply pick out 5 of your top reviews from your website - Animated them onto a video and boom. Perfect social proof for BOF creative. It shocks me that more brands don’t run ads like these. They are so simple to create and so effective.

You can even test out variations with different backgrounds! Your customers are leaving these reviews off their own backs. It’s silly to not use them to bring in new loyal and loving customers.

As I always say, simple ads are the best ads.

That’s everything for this week’s Nice Ads - Thanks so much for reading. As always, if you did enjoy this be sure to share it with a friend.

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