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The Power of the Before & After

How you can create converting ads using before and after images

Happy Monday Nice Ads team! We’ve officially got a new King of England - So let’s find a new king of ad creative… That was terrible I apologise.

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Let’s kick things off, shall we?


This advert from Musely is a recipe for success. It contains two core factors for a good beauty advert. Before & Afters and a guarantee. You can’t go wrong with those two things.

The creative itself is super simple, with two images side by side. But it’s the rest of the image that pulls it all together and makes it a winner.

First up the copy “No more spots OR your money back” with an offer like this what does the customer have to lose when buying your product? Nothing. With products like this, one of the main reasons people don’t buy is the worry of wasted money if it doesn’t work. So by removing that objection, you are sure to scoop up new customers.

The cutout of the image might seem random but it is displaying the product. Giving the scroller the information they need. Because without that image they’d have no idea what the product looks like or even is. Is it a serum? Is it a cream? That’s what the cutout is for.

It’s a super simple creative but is so effective and sure to help acquire new customers at a profitable rate.

Bloom Nutrition

Retail is the next logical step for many DTC brands - But how do you advertise that your product can be purchased in-store? Well just like this 👆

Using your popularity on social to drive customers in-store is a no-brainer for a lot of brands - It gives you massive social proof and brand lift because customers know that getting in retail isn’t easy and so it gives you an automatic trust badge.

But most importantly it opens you up to a new batch of customers that might not want to purchase from your online store but are more than happy to pop into Walmart and pick one up.

The creative itself by Bloom is pretty great, a montage of their demographic using the product with the caption “The TikTok viral greens - Now available in Walmart” It’s simple, but does the job. It informs current customers of the news but also might introduce new customers to the brand and gives them an easy way to try same day.

Remember what I always say - Simple creative is the best creative.

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Shine Brown

UGC mashups are great and super easy to create and test. But how do you make them a little different? Well, one way is by using a split-screen with a graphic like this from Shine Brown.

But what UGC do you use? Well it depends, I’ve seen great examples of brands pairing a graphic with a testimonial. However, my favourite is using product demo footage, which is definitely the case if you have such a great before and after like Shine Brown does.

I’m guessing this advert was a MOD/BOF since we don’t learn much about the product, but we are given a reason to purchase and have shown great results to make you eager to purchase.

Once again, a simple creative that is going to kill on social.

Well, that’s all for Nice Ads this week - Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

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